Photography that Sells

As more buyers turn to the internet to do their shopping, pictures are the most valuable first impression your buyer will have. A bad picture may make them quickly uninterested, while a great shot will have buyers jumping to get in their car to see your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, review these quick tips for taking a great shot.

Clear the Clutter
Tidy up before you photograph. Remove personal items such as photos or drawings on the fridge. Clear your pet bed and toys out of the shot, as well as trash bins. Clear your kitchen and bathroom countertops of excess items. Hide all small appliances to extend counterspace.

Rearranged to Sell
Too much furniture can swallow up your space and make a room feel smaller than it really is. Consider each room you photograph and what would best optimize the space from the angle you shoot. Perhaps you need to move a chair out of the way or remove the rug. Instead of shooting dead on center, try shooting from an angle, which will make the space appear large. Add accents to a room to accentuate the selling points; for example, showcase your eat-in kitchen or breakfast bar with a place setting.

Let the Light In!
Open your blinds and let the natural light in! Turning on all lighting is a must. Take your photos on a sunny day with plenty of lighting. Try Photoshop or another photo editing program to add brightness to dark photos.

Need some more inspiration? Check out interior photography on our Flickr page.
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