Local Homebuilders Lend a Helping Hand

Homes for HopeFeatured in the Dallas Morning News

Ulrich once sold convenience store wares on a blanket he spread on the streets of Haiti. He soon added a table. And recently, thanks to a loan of $125 from homes for Hope, a nonprofit organization, he opened his corner store in the marketplace.

The store may be no bigger than a closet, says Grand Homes CEO Stephen Brooks, but “It is a really nice store.” And it is successful enough that Ulrich has moved his family into a house, and all four of his children go to school.

Brooks and other homebuilders toured Haiti last year to see the impact of the earthquake and how the Homes for Hope loans are helping people in third-world countries escape poverty. Grand has built and sold a home in Mansfield two years ago, donating more than $185,000 from the house sale to Homes for Hope.

The money from the sale of that house, built by 54 subcontractors contributing much of their labor helped 1,500 families in Haiti and other countries around the world, Brooks says.

“I didn’t know there were so many good people who would step up,” he says.

Grand, which will dedicate its second house built for homes for Hope on March 24 in McKinney’s Shiloh Ranch community, is one of several North Texas homebuilders that support charitable causes. Even during the tough homebuilding market of the last couple of years, the homebuilders and their subcontractors have continues to donate time and supplies, often raising money the best way they know how, building houses.

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