Newest Hope Home Underway!

Hope Home GroundbreakingIt’s official!  Construction has started on Grand Homes’ third Home for Hope.  The ceremony kicked off on Wednesday morning in Savannah, TX as several members of the community came out to show their support for the only Hope Home in Dallas. 

Our guest panel of speakers, including Stephen Brooks, President of Grand Homes; Mike Lennon, Executive Director of Homes for Hope; and Jack Nulty of BMC West, shared first-hand testimonials of how Hope Homes are impacting global poverty in places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  The profit from the sale of the home goes towards the  provision of microloans to entrepreneurs in impovrished countries to start or expand their small businesses.  This enables them to earn a steady income to support their families and eventually rise out of poverty.

Hope Home Groundbreaking2

Other noted guests included Kathey Comer of the Home Builder’s Association, and Leslie Crozier of Hot On! Homes.  The ceremony was a great success, and everyone who came out was very proud to be involved with the Hope Home cause.  The home will be a 4 bed/4 living house expected to be completed early next year.  For more information regarding the Hope Home please visit our website at

Hope Home Groundbreaking3