Hope Home Progress Update

Time for a quick update on Grand Homes’ latest Hope Home!  It has only been 6 short weeks since the ground breaking ceremony (see more on that Brand norvasc over the net) took place at Savannah in Savannah, TX, and already significant progress at the home site has been made. 

It may not look like much, but so far the plumbing rough has been laid, the form boards have been set, and the foundation is being made in preparation for the the concrete pour that is scheduled for this Friday.  Once the concrete is set and inspected the first of four home phases will be complete.

The house will really start materializing once the framing phase begins later this month.  The home is currently on schedule to be completed early next year.  The house can be purchased at any phase of construction – even pre-sold to allow the customer to make the house uniquely their own.

The profit from the sale of the home goes towards the  provision of microloans to entrepreneurs in impovrished countries to start or expand their small businesses.  This enables them to earn a steady income and lift their families out of poverty.   Across the country, Homes for HOPE has reached out to over 100 builders, and Grand Homes has answered the call a third time to participate in the initiative that allows builders to have a worldwide impact simply by doing what they do best: building homes!  The impact of HOPE International and Homes for HOPE can be seen online at www.youtube.com/hopeinternational.