Fatherly Features

On our blog we talk a lot about the features in our houses that appeal mostly to women – gourmet kitchens, spa baths, design features – the list goes on.  But, with Father’s Day being this Sunday, we thought we would take time to highlight some of the features in our homes that Dad would enjoy most.  Because while Mom may pick the house, decorate it and run it, Dad deserves to enjoy it too.  So here are a couple ways Dad can enjoy his day right at home.

1.  The Man – Kitchen: The ultimate outdoor cooking station equipped with a propane grill and built-in drainable basin perfect for filling with ice to keep beverages cool.  It is the perfect set-up for grilling up some steaks or BBQ while spending time with family and friends.

2.  The Pool – Grilling out in June is recipe for getting really hot and the best (and most fun) way to take care of that is to enjoy a swim in your very own pool.  Great for setting up a basketball or volleyball net, or just sitting on a floatie catching some rays.






3.  The Media Room –  This Sunday both the U.S. Open and game 3 of the NBA Finals will be on TV – a dream for any sports-loving dad.  Invite some of your best dad or non-dad friends over for the ultimate viewing experience.


4. The Man Cave – Last, but certainly not least, the thing every man wants in their home: a man cave. The ideal set-up for playing some rounds of poker, watching the game and whatever else men do in a man cave.



We hope you were inspired by our breif run down of ways this Father’s Day can be enjoyed at home – especially a Grand Home!  Be sure to do at least one thing on our list – Happy Father’s Day!

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