Grand Homes’ CEO Receives Hugh Prather Award

October 4, 2012

Stephen Brooks, CEO and President of Grand Homes, Inc., was honored with the prestigious 2012 Hugh Prather Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Dallas Builders Association.

The award has been presented for the past 60 years to the builder, remodeler or developer member who has done the most for the betterment of his community, as well as being a good citizen who has worked to help others.

This award is named for the Homebuilders Association’s first President, Hugh Prather, in hopes that his principles would serve as a guide for future generations of builders.  It is not to be simply a “Builder of the Year,” but something more that reflects credit to the building industry.  Past recipients include outstanding individuals such as Dave Fox, W. W. Caruth, Jr., Robert Folsom, Fred Roach, Kent Conine, Hershel Pierce, Kenny Marchant, Tommy Ford and Harold Pollman, among others.  This group of thoughtful individuals believed that not only was it natural to try to be successful in your business and deliver the best possible product to your customers, but to also go beyond the expected and try in special ways to better the lot of his fellow man.

Stephen Brooks currently serves on the Board of Directors of HOPE International, a non-profit organization that provides micro-loans to some of the world’s neediest individuals to help lift themselves out of poverty.  Grand Homes and about 50 subcontractors have joined forces and are currently building their fourth Home for HOPE.  It is estimated this program will help 200,000 people.  Visiting Haiti this past year, Brooks was able to witness how mentoring people to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs goes a long way toward building self-esteem and provides an opportunity for loan repayment in order to extend the same help to others.

In addition to HOPE International, Brooks contributes to organizations that are important to his family as well as his employees including Children’s Medical Center, North Texas Food Bank, Catholic Charities of Dallas and Sky Ranch Imbirikani School.

 “Our mission statement at Grand Homes is to serve God, to improve the quality of life for our employees, customers and trade partners, but a big part of our culture is to support our community and help improve the quality of life for those who need it most,” said Brooks.  “I am constantly inspired by our employees who care for each other and who give of themselves to their community.”

Brooks continued, “This is an incredible honor and I totally did not expect it.  I am only in the beginning and I ask you to come along.  Maybe we can build a house together to help those less fortunate and support people out there who really need our help.  I think it is our responsibility, not the government, to do these things.  So if you have been blessed, feel blessed, let’s build a house together and see if we can give back to the community, the world, and people less fortunate than us.  God bless you and your families for what you do.”

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