Decorate with LOVE

Today is the day some people love and others love to hate. It’s Valentine’s Day! We love it and have come across a ton of great decorating ideas online. Now, it may be too late to decorate for a day that is half-way over, but slight changes can make these items fit into your home all year long.

Let’s start with this adorable way to feature those you love in your home. Simply gather your favorite photos, cut a heart out of paper, trace and cut out your photos. Pick out a frame and cut a piece of poster board to fit. You could also use a shadow box! Adhere the photos to the paper and you’re done! If you aren’t into mushy hearts, you can cut the photos into circles, squares, butterflies, etc!

This project is super quick and easy and looks very chic! Visit your local craft store and pick up some paper mache letters. Spell out your name, inspirational words, initials, the sky is the limit. While you’re there, grab some yarn in your favorite color and texture and some paint to match. Paint the letters. Adhere the yarn to the letter using hot glue or tape and wrap until they letter is completely covered. Feel free to wrap perfectly like the letters pictured, or go nuts and wrap wildly!

Finally, these wreaths have become very popular online. Find a shaped foam wreath at your favorite craft store and about a yard of felt in your favorite color. You will also need straight pins and a small piece of ribbon. Cut out as many 3 inch circles as you can from your piece of felt. The more circles, the fuller your wreath will be. Fold the circle in half and in half again and use a straight pin to pin the tip of the felt to the foam wreath. Continue until the wreath is covered.

Click on the photos for the sources of these projects and share your decorating finds with us!