Quiz Time!

LifeSpaces are customizable rooms that are designed to not only meet your family’s current needs, but are flexible and can grow as your needs change. Take our quiz below to see what type of LifeSpace is best for you and your family! (Keep track of your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s)

1. Your boss surprises you with a rare day off. What do you do?
A. Enjoy a quiet day at home while the kids are at school
B. Hit the golf course
C. Go to work anyway. There’s so much to get done!
D. Hit the gym

2. What kind of vehicle do you have?
A. A mini van
B. A truck
C. Compact car
D. Sports car

3. What would you do with a million dollars?
A. Pay for the kid’s college and put the rest in savings
B. Get a boat, pool table, huge TV, etc.
C. Invest it
D. A hydrotherapy tub and lots of protein powder

4. Your favorite meal includes:
A. Anything as long as it stays off the floor
B. Anything fried and greasy
C. Whatever I can eat quickly at my desk
D. High protein and lots of veggies

5. What is your favorite movie category?
A. Animated
B. Comedy
C. Documentaries
D. Action

6. What is your dream vacation?
A. Taking the family to Disney
B. A trip to Vegas with the guys
C. Anywhere with plenty of museums
D. Attend the Super Bowl/Final Four/NBA Finals, etc.

Now, tally up your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s and click the link below for your results!

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