The Gift That Keeps on Giving

According to Business Insider, the National Retail Federation has predicted that consumers will spend about $13 billion on Father’s Day gifts this year, it may seem like a lot, but it’s no match for the $21 billion spent on Mother’s Day gifts last month. What better way to surprise dad than with his own, private man cave?

A man cave is a space or room in the home where dad can go to unwind after a long day. There are tons of fabulous decorating ideas for these spaces, but the most important aspects are whether 1) the room is functional and 2) it caters to dad’s favorite things. Grand Home owners have the option to use their LifeSpace to create dad’s sanctuary. Here are a few ideas we love!

golf-man-cavesLet dad practice his putting in peace with his very own golf-themed space complete with putting green! Use old golf clubs, balls, tees etc. to bring the clubhouse feel to the room and don’t forget a TV! Dads love TVs.



Gorgeous-drum-pendants-are-a-perfect-fit-for-the-space-above-the-pool-tableHow about a round of pool and a cold drink? Dad won’t need to leave the comfort of his own home to have a “night out” with the guys.





4840cda034330ea06f3f7252a2640599Save money on décor and invest in a nice TV or projector and the comfiest couch dad has ever sat on. Bonus points for multiple screens! Load up a bar with snacks and drinks and he’ll be in heaven!





Spend this Father’s Day getting to know dad a little better. What are his favorite pastimes? Is he a collector? What would his theme be? Then get started on this project together. Visit garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores for some inexpensive décor pieces, but most of all have fun! No amount of money can buy the quality time you will share with dad. The best things in life are free, after all!

Check out our man cave Pinterest board for more of our favorite ideas!