Home Organizational Tips

Many of you have your own “organized mess” and know exactly where everything is, which is nice, but when you can’t find something or remember that important event… here are a few helpful ways to stay organized in a “neat” way.

Label Everything
adding a label can help you remember where an item is, and the spot it returns too.
for additional organization, alphabetize items

Label everything

Color Code Tasks
Prioritize chores, errands, to-do lists by color to help meet deadlines

Color Code

Use a Chalk board
Meal planning throughout the week can help save time and money

Family Chalkboard Menu


Keep a Calendar 
Write down important dates and upcoming events- visualization can help you keep track


Storage Bins
Whether they be in the closet or out in the living room,
storage bins help keep items together in one place so they don’t get lost.


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