5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

Many hosts take pride in watching their hard work of planning, preparing and marketing come together to produce one great event.

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When planning an event, consider these 5 tips.

Network with Guests – Create a space where guests can mingle and chat without having to yell over large crowds or loud music
Don’t Sweat the Details – When the party doesn’t go as planned, in some cases it doesn’t… (maybe  you run out of punch, or didn’t rent the bounce house long enough) Don’t worry, most guests are easily forgiving
Stay Stocked – Keep an eye out for food or drink that are running low. No matter how well you know your guests, some will not be comfortable enough to “help themselves” to your fridge or pantry
Don’t Overthink Seating – Most guests are happy socializing standing. Unless you’re hosting a sit-down dinner, then don’t worry about how many chairs you’ll need. Guest will most-likely congregate around the food and drinks, so spread them out to create non-cramped areas
Encourage Social Media Posting – Reach new potential clients by having guests post on social media. Create a hashtag to trend the event or for easy sharing and re-posting later

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