How to Landscape

Summer time is all about cook outs, lake days, vacations, and relaxation. If you’re one for hosting parties in your home, (or just need a space to read on the patio), turn your yard into a relaxing oasis with fresh, new landscapes.

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Example of pattern, texture

Follow these quick tips for beginners on updating landscapes

Set a Realistic Budget- anywhere between $800-$1200 is a healthy budget for updating your yard. Mulch, plants, planting tools, and equipment isn’t cheap and it will add up quick (not leaving much room for the plants themselves)
Layout a Design- Consider adding curve appeal to your home with different patterns and textures of plants. You may choose a design that lines the sidewalk, or just alongside the front of the home
Start Small- Beginners do not need to get ahead of themselves thinking they can tackle 1/2 an acre of property in one hour. Pick a small location, dressing up around a tree or small garden that you can design and finish the project in one weekend.
Add Color- Different textures and colors will create contrast that define the landscape. Pick colors that will “pop” against the brick to add dimension

Example of design (top photo) Example of color, contrast (bottom photo)

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