The Perks of Working with Grand Homes

For over three decades, Grand Homes has set the pace in home building in the DFW area. The company has been awarded multiple times for its designs, most recently at the Las Vegas Builders Convention, where it scooped top prize for the Best Interior Merchandising of a model priced $700,00 to $850,000. As such, you can rest assured that working with them guarantees you of an ideal living space for you and your loved ones.

Some of the perks of working with Grand Homes are:

They have a proven track record.

Having been in operation for more than three decades, Grand Homes has honed its construction skills. Not changing the company’s management has greatly contributed to its stability. As is evident from the clients’ testimonials and the numerous awards the company has won, Grand Homes’ delivery times are quite accurate, and they do a quality job. You can always check out their ongoing projects to see whether they are on track.

Their construction quality is beyond reproach.

Although there are many aspects to consider when it comes to the quality of new homes for sale, the most important aspect is the scope of the project. This is a clear and concise statement signed by the potential homeowner and Grand Homes. In other words, this is a document that has the contract, the building’s drawings, and other specifications. At the end of the project, you will be able to evaluate whether all that was agreed upon has been met.

They have the necessary industry credentials.

Before commencing with any project, whether it’s a large or small project, Grand Homes ensures that you have relevant documents such as land titles, construction commencement agreement, the building’s plans, and approvals, and any other pertinent document. You can seek the services of your legal representative to better understand the terms and conditions the company stipulates. Grand Homes has all the necessary building licenses.

Grand Homes is financially stable.

Finances play a major role in the successful completion of any project and of late, there has been quite a number of instances where a developer is unable to deliver a project due to the lack of adequate funds. Grand Homes gives you the liberty to go through their business reports or even talk to banks or stockbrokers to have a clear picture of the company’s financial health.

The company has had tremendous success in past projects.

Right from their first project, The Collections at Valley Ranch which won the Home and Apartment Builders Award for the best product in Dallas, Grand Homes has continued to rake in awards due to the success of its projects. You can get more information about the company’s success from independent sources such as newspapers, clients’ reviews, magazines, and the general perception in the areas they have built their homes.

While you can check out Grand Homes’ website for more information on the above points, it would be ideal to schedule a face-to-face meeting. A scheduled meeting allows you to have all your queries addressed by a knowledgeable sales representative. Not only will they answer your development-related questions, but also guide you on other real-estate related issues such as insurance, financing, and the law.

In the more than 30 years Grand Homes has been in operation, it has developed more than 30 neighborhoods across Dallas. The award-winning company offers well-designed houses that range from low-maintenance houses to 1-2-acre home sites for huge families.