Cool New Tools for Decorating Your Home

If you are a new homeowner, and your home builder has created your own dream-come-true ready to move into, it’s time to start decorating. Here are some handy tool ideas to help you get your new construction done up right.

Software Tools

Technology rules, even in home decorating! There are lots of software options to help you visualize your layout and perfect your own scheme. Create a blueprint of your new home and see every room from a bird’s eye view. Add furniture, rugs, plants or whatever inspires you, and see the overall effect. Or, go for a panoramic graphic re-creation of each room, and see how your layout ideas look before you begin. Check light levels, set moods and match colors – all before you start moving furniture!

Interior Decorating Tools

Some of the simplest tools are still the most necessary, but new designs make them easier than ever to use. Check out an electronic measuring tape. They are super accurate, easier to use than a physical tape, and these handheld devices can store your measurements as you go so you don’t miss a detail. Try a laser level. Project a perfectly horizontal or vertical laser line to align everything you’re attaching to the wall. Electronic stud finders are powerful and accurate – no more missing the stud and making unnecessary holes in your walls.

Landscaping Tools

Most new homes include a yard, driveway, fences and/or sidewalks. It’s time to landscape! Before you begin, consider kicking things off with a good power washer. The outer walls of your home, fences, concrete and other outdoor items are easy to reach, and they look their best when clean. If you’re adding in a sprinkler system, check out the new smart electronic moisture controls that sense when your lawn needs water and when it doesn’t. For general lawn maintenance, pick up a multi-purpose string trimmer, edger, and tree trimmer. Interchangeable heads let you adapt instantly to the job at hand. And for the best-looking lawn, flowerbeds or gardens, try an electronic soil analyzer to find out what your yard needs to achieve the best growth.

Hand Tools and Utilities

As with any job, your strength is in your tools. And even though some of these aren’t necessarily a new idea, they are still mainstays of the projects at hand. Any kind of decorating will require a decent set of cordless tools, usually including a power drill, cordless screwdriver, circular saw, flashlight and maybe even a router or edger. For lawn work, cordless hedge trimmers, pruning saws and pole saws make precision and perfection easy. And if you’re like most new homeowners, your entire property will be connected by Wifi or Bluetooth, so a wireless sensor app on your phone is a great tool for checking signals and keeping things working.

Getting That New Home

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