The Benefits of Living in a Grand Homes Community

Experience a comfortable way-of-life at Grand Homes communities, which offer luxury homes in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Grand Homes offers modern homes with all the contemporary amenities that you expect from a maintenance-free, community living experience. Residents enjoy unbeatable benefits and high-quality services throughout our property. At Grand Homes, we endeavor to combine precise architecture with charming residential surroundings, making our property the welcoming home you’ve always dreamed about.

Here are other wonderful benefits you will enjoy living in a Grand Homes community.

Planned Infrastructure

Grand Homes communities are well designed with the homeowner in mind. This means every detail including roads, hospitals, schools, and shopping areas are strategically positioned. This helps reduce road traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Therefore, one can easily cycle or walk to the shopping center from designated pathways into well-lit roads. It is also safe for kids to skate and bike through.

What’s more, Grand Homes communities are conveniently linked with other major roads, giving residents easy access while commuting to work or during long-distance travel. For example, Silverleaf Estates is only ten minutes to DFW Airport and twenty minutes to downtown Dallas.

Amazing Amenities

One of the major benefits of living in a Grand Homes community is the numerous built-in amenities such as parks, recreation centers, libraries, gyms, swimming pools, sports courts, and, in some cases, golf clubs and entertainment centers.

Additionally, each community specializes in particular amenities. For example, Tribute and Rivercrest Park feature hundreds of acres of open, accessible space, therefore, it is ideal for golf courses, hiking, and bike trails. Homebuyers seeking outdoor activities should choose to live in these communities. Another good thing about living in a Grand Homes community is that the amenities here meet the changing needs of the residents, whether it is upgrading the gym with the latest equipment or adding extra features, Grand Homes always strives to meet the expectations of the residents.

A Wide Variety of Newly Built Homes

Grand Homes provides multiple communities with various homes for the buyers to choose from. They range from large home sites to small gated neighborhoods. The houses are also constructed with many features and more options to meet each homebuyer needs. That means more floor plans, amenities and other factors to choose from. This provides homebuyer a wide range of homes to select unlike in a real estate where you have to choose from old renovated homes. Grand Homes communities offer new homes which are ready to move in and require low maintenance. Even more, Grand Homes has broadened homebuyer options with prices starting from as low as 300’s.

A Sense of Community

Grand Homes communities are often more close-knit, even when the neighborhoods have large acreage home sites. Residents often find it is easier to know who their neighbors are and enjoy a greater sense of community. This is because of the many shared amenities that naturally promote togetherness. Residents feel part of something greater when their children play at the same playground or attend the same schools. Also, there is a connection when the neighbors work out together at the gym. There is plenty of room for friendship, with house parties, barbecues, and other community events.

Ultimately, the end result of knowing and caring about the neighbors is one of the many benefits of living in a Grand Homes community. Contact Grand Homes today to find your new home.