Spring Cleaning: How to do it Right the First Time

Walking into a clean house brings a sense of peace and calm to your mind. Some people have even termed it as stress relieving. However, getting your house to this point of spectacular cleanliness can be stressful. If you have homes for sale, making them clean goes a long way in attracting potential buyers. If you’re having a party or event at your house, people will notice the cleanliness. Here are some tips that can help you get your house clean and keep it that way for a long time.

Choose a Pattern

Before you start cleaning, define a pattern that you will follow all through. You may decide to use the top to bottom approach or clean from the left side of the room to the right side. Having a pattern prevents repetition and ensures that you cover the whole room without going back and forth.

Don’t Ignore the Ceilings and Walls

Starting from the top with the removal of cobwebs on the ceiling and wall corners is an effective way of cleaning. You can use a mop made of fiber or tie a piece of cloth to a long stick. Cleaning these surfaces will reduce the amount of dust that would have collected on the carpet, therefore, reducing the number of times you have to vacuum the carpet.

Put Things Away

The most effective way for you to cover more ground is putting items where they ought to be. This applies to small items like the keys, the TV remote, or even a piece of cloth. By putting these things away first, you save a lot of time when you begin to clean as opposed to putting things away as you clean.

Use a Mop

The new build homes are vast and have different surface types making it unrealistic for you to clean the floors with a rag. The best option is using a mop, which will help you clean faster. It is also less tiring since you will not bend as much as you would have when using a rag. However, some floor areas like the bathroom and hidden spaces behind sinks and the toilets might still require you to use a rag.

Follow the Grain

Most of the new homes for sale are built using hardwood floors. The easiest way for you to clean them is to observe the direction of the grain and clean towards it. Once you mop the floor, you can buffer the floor using a piece of cloth. This will clear any liquid that was left behind hence reducing any potential damage to the floors.

Remember the Appliances

Recently, home builders are designing houses with fixed appliances like the refrigerators. While cleaning the kitchen, do not forget such appliances. Clean outside the refrigerator and focus on the most used areas like the handles, which are likely to be greasy. This will complete the look of a clean kitchen once you are done with other surfaces.

Clean Glass with Foam

A lot of the surfaces in new construction homes have a lot of glass surfaces from doors, windows and even shelves. While there is nothing wrong with cleaning the glassy surfaces with water and soap, it is better to use foam cleaner. The biggest advantage is that there are no drips. Therefore, once you buff, you are able to move to other surfaces without worrying about the drip stains. Grand Homes is a luxury home builder in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. To find your new home, contact us today.