What Makes a Great Neighborhood?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s the importance of living in a good neighborhood. It’s almost as essential as it is aspirational. Home is where the heart is. It takes a village to raise a child. The idioms and sayings could go on forever. We can never downplay how critical our homestead is to our quality of life. Thus, it makes sense to us at Grand Homes why people simply won’t compromise on it and you’ll be glad to know we don’t compromise on quality either. However, how many of us can really say we know what makes a really good neighborhood? In fact, we believe it’s a very nuanced subject but there are few factors that are consistent with most good neighborhoods nationwide. Allow us to share a few:


A lot can be said for a neighborhood you can easily navigate by foot. Especially when it’s so picturesque you can take in all its beauty during your evening stroll – a huge plus. It’s also a relief to not have to drive everywhere. Time spent behind the wheel can be therapeutic for some, but for those with long commutes to and from work – it can be exhausting. Home is where you unwind and find peace of mind. Also, walkability goes hand in hand with other factors that can impact a neighborhood’s desirability, e.g. noise level, security etc. A great neighborhood is one where you can walk in total admiration of your surroundings and have no concerns about congestion or crime. At Grand Homes, we’ll see to it that we find the perfect property that matches your request. We’re prepared to make your evening walks all the more blissful.

Outdoor Activities

This is a frequent complaint in bad neighborhoods. When there isn’t an infrastructure in place for the kids to engage in recreational activities, they turn to things that won’t benefit them or the neighborhood. Places with frequently maintained parks and playgrounds show us a place that cares about its younger residents. What could possibly be better than a place that cares about stimulation the minds and overall well-being of the kids. Adults can also appreciate open spaces. A park allows you to jog, walk or just sit around and feed pigeons. For parents, a playground allows you to connect with your kids and reconnect with that playful spirit you once thought was lost. At Grand Homes, we’ll be the first to inform you how close one of our properties is to any recreational facility that may interest you.

Low Crime

If there’s ever been a deal breaker for a promising neighborhood, it’s a high crime rate. Your home should always be your refuge. At Grand Homes, we promise to be extremely forthright when addressing any inquiries about crime in the areas surrounding our properties. We pride ourselves on keeping our locations as secure as possible. For instance, our neighborhoods remain well-lit and we encourage residents to keep their porch lights on – studies show these two things serve as deterrents to burglars. We use that and several other measures to show our residents that their safety is our top priority.

There are several more factors that we could cover in this blog post, but we’d rather you come down and tell us the others that you prioritize. Get in contact with us today and make your search for a new home a truly Grand Experience.