Architectural Home Styles: Modern Style

There are many architectural home styles you can base your home on. One look around and you will see countless options of grand homes.

From Greek revival homes to Cape Cado style, to Mediterranean and Modern architecture, there are numerous types of architectural home styles within Dallas and Fort Worth.

However, few people in Dallas know the distinguishing characteristics between different architectural styles. How can you come to your home builder without knowing the difference between a Colonial and a Mediterranean home?

For instance, the Colonial home style is one of the most popular in the country. It usually has two to three stories, fireplaces, and brick or wood facades.

In contrast, the Mediterranean-style homes take after different cues. It follows either the Spanish or the Italian designs, including large windows, tiled roofs, and brick or stucco siding.

Knowing the different types of home styles will help you and your home builder have a clearer understanding of what kind of custom house you want to build. If you’re leaning towards the modern architectural style, here are some of the characteristics that differentiate it from other home styles:

Simplicity in Form & Function

The modern style’s trademark is its simplicity in form and design. It’s based on abstraction, which employs clean lines, basic shapes and forms. Therefore, simple geometric forms such as rectangular shapes and linear elements form the characteristics of the modern home style.

Clean, Crisp Lines

Firstly, one of the prominent characteristics of modern buildings is the presence of clean, crisp lines.The lines here refer to the projecting vertical and horizontal elements in a building plan or elevation.

An example is Villa Savoye – designed by Le Corbusier. You will easily identify the sharp lines on its elevation.

Clean, Open and Light-Filled Places

Who does not like the clean, open, and light-filled spaces where the furniture and the materials in the room can breathe?

This is why modern architectural designs have large spaces with lots of natural light from outside. The windows are usually very large. Thus, it amplifies the brightness. Designers usually opt for lighter-colored walls to further accentuate the light’s effect.

Honesty to Materials

Modern architecture relies heavily on glass for its walls. However, other materials, such as steel and concrete, are also used in modern buildings.

Modern architecture promotes honesty to materials by ensuring that the material that makes the exterior walls also makes the interior walls. It discourages plastering of the exterior walls with artificial materials.

Uncomplicated Cladding and Wall Finishes

Modern architecture focuses on minimalist designs. Cladding is done to ensure the durability, longevity, and beauty of the exterior surface of the house. Modern cladding materials have high-performance durability and lighting effects to reflect excessive heat and resist humidity.

The cladding materials also have patterns that intersect with the clean and crisp lines of the homes. This creates a beautiful art to marvel upon.

Modern architectural homes are increasing in popularity within Dallas County. Grand Homes DFW Home builder has constructed grand homes within Dallas and Fort Worth for over 30 years.

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