Architectural Home Styles: Contemporary Style

Contemporary is a term that’s mostly used to describe any present-day architecture. However, it has distinct properties that set it apart from other styles. If you plan on working with a home builder to make the home of your dreams, you must know exactly what you want. There isn’t much your builder can do it you can’t tell a modern home from a colonial one. The following are some features that make contemporary architecture different.

Irregular, Asymmetrical Facade

Firstly, contemporary architecture deviates from a straight line and the norms associated with traditional architecture. Although, the shapes are not always functional, they give off the feel of nature and the spaces are mostly open.

Use of Modern Interiors

The interiors of contemporary homes resemble those of modern homes. Thus, they feature wide, open spaces that are great for entertainment and family bonding. Most of them use minimal or no interior walls. Contemporary designs use skylights and big glass windows that let in lots of natural lighting. Open interiors and natural lighting create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Environmentally Friendly

Contemporary architecture places great emphasis on environmental stewardship. Thus, an important feature of this architectural style is its reliance upon “green” initiatives and building techniques.

However, contemporary architecture seeks to blend in with the environment. Views may detect the placement of walls or windows. It uses sustainable building material like bricks and wood.

Uncommon, Unconventional Materials

When contemporary architecture uses traditional materials, it seeks to incorporate them in a novel way. Exposed materials which are commonly thought as industrial are used in offices and homes.

They create a feeling of warmth and minimalism. The architectural style uses materials that focus on simplicity. Popular materials are metal and glass.

Indoor to Outdoor Flow

Since contemporary designs focus on simplicity and minimalism, the indoor to outdoor flow is seamless. Most contemporary homes feature sleek designs that do not include a lot of detail on the exterior. Though contemporary architecture uses unique materials, there isn’t much effort in decoration or molding. The designs blend in well with nature.

The use of big glass walls blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space. The style’s focus on balconies and decks promotes its harmony with nature. Overhanging roofs are another great way to push the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

Most architectural designs these days try to bring forth an element of nature by opening up the interiors to the outdoors. This style has proved to be far more attractive and acceptable all over the world.

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