Architectural Home Styles: Colonial Style

The Colonial style of home is a formal, elegant architectural. Its first builders sought to recreate their native, British homes when they first settled in America. These two-to three-story properties often carry distinct features. However, as we’ve come to learn in our line of work, most people can’t tell a Colonial home from a Mediterranean. Do you fall into this group? Well, if you do, we can get you up to speed. Read onto find out more.

Symmetry: Colonial Style Home’s Biggest Feature

Perhaps the most basic feature of these homes is their shape. They tend to be rectangular and highly symmetrical. They’re very formal, but not necessarily over-the-top in terms of glamour. To further emphasize the symmetry, colonial homes will often have a central entrance. Rooms and hallways are then positioned in relation to that entrance. Once again, you can see how the

Other Key Details That Help It Stand Out

Colonial style homes offer some unique features that differentiate it from other styles. For example, they tend to feature five windows across the front of the home. Each window is rectangular in shape. As expected, the builder spaces them evenly. Most of the time, these are double-hung and multi-paned windows.

Southern-style Colonial homes also feature shutters as a hallmark feature. These louvered shutters allow for the breeze to come into the home. Shutters are present on homes in New England, too. In contrast to the louvered ones, their shutters are built more so to keep harsh winter winds out.

Other Notable Features of Colonial Homes

When comparing home options for custom homes, there are a few other key features that help this property style to stand out. These can include:

  • A simple, side-gabled roof, often pitched and angular to allow more interior, usable attic space
  • Paired chimneys, one on each side of the home, which work to help minimize heat buildup in the warmer months
  • Large overhangs are common as well. In Southern variations of this home, many will include a large porch, including some that wrap around the home.

Variations exist. For example, Spanish Colonial homes often feature a second-story balcony and have an adobe-style finish. French Colonial homes feature a wood frame or brick design. These kinds of homes are most prevalent in Louisiana – especially in New Orleans.

Is a Colonial Home the Best Option for You?

At Grand Homes, allowing you the ability to design your custom home is essential. For the last three decades, our custom home builders have crafted Colonial-style homes for the Dallas Fort Worth area. Grand Homes is happy to help you build your stunning Colonial home. Contact us today.