Model Grand Opening in Plano, TX

Your new home complete with natural beauty and the family-friendly environment is finally here. We are offering you a beautiful home within the coveted Plano area. Behold, we at Grand Homes are delighted to bring you the Heritage Ridge Estate.

Plano is among one of the top places to live in the United States and one of the safest and eco-friendly cities in the country. In addition, several wonderful amenities surround the Heritage Ridge Estate:
parks, golf courses, shops, select stores and restaurants . This estate is falls within one the state’s most respected and healthcare services; your family welfare is priority.

Serene Environment

Grand Homes selected this neighborhood to provide unmatched convenience and comfort both indoors and outdoors. This family home hence presents you a perfect blend of the natural environment and modern living. In addition, multi-component security systems secure your home to give you peace of mind. Moreover, our offer prices are irresistible.

Competitive Pricing

Heritage Ridge Estate comes with the most competitive and affordable offer price ranges from $460,000 to $700,000. We ensure you get value for your money by carefully investing to deliver a high-quality standard home. Our offer price for these uniquely-designed houses stacks up well against the competition.

Unique Design

The architectural of Heritage Ridge Estate houses unifies both traditional and modern styles. Crafting conventional aspects in a contemporary way, this design blends into an aesthetically harmonious neighborhood. Our interiors are spacious to accommodate our household asset and decor. It also gives room for free movement from one room to the other. Quality of fittings cannot be compromised. The enlarged windows give you an unobstructed view of nature and sunlight each and every day.

Visit our model home on August 21, 2019, for its grand opening. Alternatively, come along any time between Mon-Sat at 10am-7pm and Sun 12pm-7pm.

Grand Homes has given you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Talk to us today at 214-282-5746 to book your slot. You may also email us with any questions or clarifications about this property at