How to Choose a House Design?

Most people do not realize how daunting picking their preferred house plans, can be until they have to decide on their own houses’ design. This is an expensive and time-intensive venture, but you do not have to go it alone. With the right guidance from us at grand homes, we can help you settle on a plan that takes your personal preferences into mind. Here are the most vital considerations you ought to make before settling on a design.

The Location

The location of your house determines your design in so many ways. The topography, weather, and views come to play when determining which rooms go where. Is the area prone to flooding? Ensure the drainage will lead water away from the house. To overheating or sub-zero temperatures? All these will determine the size and positioning of windows and doors and even roofing style.


Are you building a house for just you? Do you have a family or planning to have one? If you have a family, what are some of the features they like most in a house? Will a big kitchen accommodate them better? Will you need a room that will be transformed into a nursery or playroom? Determine how far the guest rooms will be from your own room if you have friends and relatives staying over frequently. Determine the ease with which pets will get around the house in your floor plan.

Future Plans

If you wish to stay in your house for the rest of your life, you can incorporate your personal touch into everything. If you are looking to sell it in the future, you include features that will make it do well in the property market.


List your personal preferences. What do you have in mind? What is your dream home? If you travel often, think of the features that you love from the places you visit. Look around at other people’s houses and not the things you would love for your own. Which room do you spend most of your time in? If you spend more time in your home office than in your kitchen, a more comfortable home office makes more sense than a big kitchen. Feel free to go online and browse for ideas too. Our grand homes team will also help you settle on a design, be it contemporary or traditional


Cost is the key determinant of your house design. Once you have listed your personal preferences, go with those that can fit into your budget. Our specialty is giving you the best home that suits your budget by working with expert builders and sourcing materials from our partners

Furniture and Ambiance

Take your current furniture or those you are planning to buy in the future into consideration. The outdoor aesthetics, such as patios, backyard, swimming pools, and gardens, also come into play when drawing your house plan.


One element that most homeowners overlook is access to their houses from the streets or surrounding roads. Yet another factor is the driveway and garage. Even if you have just one car, you will need some considerable space to turn, park, or ease into the street. Think of these as you do your landscaping 8u9so vegetation, and other fixtures don’t get in the way.

Natural Light

Nobody wants a dark house where the lights have to be on even during the day, causing electricity bills to skyrocket. It’s not easy to determine the room position in relation to sunlight at first glance. This is where grand home builders come in. Not only have we mastered the DFW area landscape, but we make sure every room harnesses the desired natural light.

If you are looking for a partner in building your dream house, The Home Builders at Grand Homes are your best bet.