What Do Baby Boomers Want In New Homes?

Baby boomers, people who were born following WWII, are interested in new homes and they have a few demands. This specific demographic of people are older, and their current homes don’t serve the purpose they once did. Some baby boomers are first-time homebuyers, while others are looking to downgrade from their current home. Here are the criteria for baby boomers and what they need in their new homes.

Large White Modern House.

What Do Baby Boomers Want in a New Home?

Baby boomers want a home that:

  • Is constructed with high-quality materials
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Has a variety of features
  • Fits their lifestyle

Baby boomers are 50 years of age and older. More than one-third of these individuals are female. Most baby boomers are preparing for retirement or have already retired and are empty nesters. Although baby boomers older, they are not interested in sitting around the house for hours at a time.

Which Factors Matter the Most to Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers want:

  • Diversity
  • Fun
  • Luxury
  • Personalization
  • Low-maintenance homes that are in a friendly and family-oriented neighborhood.


Individuals who are considered baby boomers want to live close to friends and relatives, but they may be interested in a lifestyle change or a change of scenery. These individuals who are on the younger end of the baby boomer spectrum are not fond of retirement living communities because they want more of an independent factor and a community that features a pool, a tennis court, and other activities.


Individuals who are close to retirement want to relax but also want to enjoy fun in the sun. These individuals are purchasing homes in locations where it is sunny for the majority of the time. Baby boomers don’t want to be restricted or limited to the activities they can enjoy due to poor weather conditions.


People who are approaching retirement want luxurious homes. Many of these baby boomers are ready to purchase the home of their dreams and know which floor plans and amenities are the most appealing to their needs and want. Many people are interested in downsizing their homes but not cutting back on the amenities.


Personalization is trending with baby boomers. They want a home that serves multiple purposes. These individuals want homes that are easy to customize without having to make drastic changes, such as remodeling and extensive renovations.

Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance homes are popular because they are cared for with little or no effort. Low-maintenance homes are easy to clean and keep clean over long periods. These homes also have amenities that are easily maintained or free, such as yard services. Low-maintenance homes are also energy efficient.

A lot of people are interested in purchasing a new home but they don’t know what to look for or know their specific needs. Whether you know what you want or need help deciding, Grand Homes has a variety of homes in different upscale communities that feature many luxury amenities. We are here to help new home buyers through their first home-buying process. Contact us today to learn more about our properties and the home-buying process.