How to Declutter Your Home

When you have less clutter around your house, you will likely have less stress and less cleaning to perform too. In case you’re wondering how to declutter your home, we’ve assembled a few tips to help you eliminate unnecessary items around the house. Once you learn how to declutter your house, you’ll be able to relax in your cleaner, less stressful home.

Create a List

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A plan can help you keep your decluttering mission on track. Create a list of areas around your home that need decluttering (such as the master bedroom closet, family room or basement and so on). With a plan, you’ll feel less overwhelmed. You can break a large decluttering project down into sections. On day one, you can declutter one particular area of your home.

Get Some Bins or Boxes

Decluttering is easier when you keep the process organized. You’ll definitely need some trash bags for items that are beyond repair, but you may want to include a bin for items to give to people you know or items you wish to donate to charity or to recycle. You may also need a bin for items you wish to keep but that require mending.

Stick to a Schedule

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to complete your decluttering project in a single day either. Most decluttering experts suggest starting small. Devote five or ten minutes a day to filling a trash bag with items you want to get rid of. Begin with decluttering a shelf or a single drawer of your dresser. In time, you’ll have emptied your home of items you don’t use or need.

Invest in Organization Features

Sometimes a home can feel over cluttered when there isn’t adequate storage. Consider investing in some features to help you keep your house better organized. When you have a place to store items, they won’t wind up cluttering living spaces. Add some extra shelves to closets. Add overhead cabinets to your laundry room or basement.

Leave Growing Room

When you declutter, be sure you have some room for growing. For instance, don’t leave your bookcase filled to the brim. Chances are, you’ll bring home books now and again and you’ll need a space for them. Get rid of all the items that you aren’t likely to use again so that you have more room for the items you plan to use.

Don’t Be Sentimental

Getting rid of items that we’ve been attached to can be tricky. Do your best to be objective about the material objects in your home. Keep in mind that you’re going to love a clean, clutter-free home more than all the stuff currently cluttering it up. You don’t want to live in a warehouse of stuff so do your best to get rid of stuff you don’t use regularly.

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