The Benefits of House Wrap

What Is a House Wrap?

House wrap is a synthetic material that is used on residential and commercial buildings to protect the structure from damage due to many outside elements. This wrap can improve your home design in different ways.

What Does a House Wrap Do?

House wrap, also referred to as homewrap, protects buildings from the elements by acting as a weather-resistant barrier. This protective barrier has dual functionality. Housewrap prevents rain from penetrating the wall assembly while simultaneously allowing water vapor to escape to the outside of the building.

A House Wrap’s Effect on Occupant Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

House wraps play a significant role in the comfort of your home and its air quality. When house wraps are appropriately sealed, they can increase a building’s energy efficiency and eliminate air leaks. An increase in energy efficiency reduces your energy bill and helps you maintain a comfortable temperature. House wraps also improve your home or business’s air quality by preventing mold growth, wood rot and a variety of other air quality issues caused by moisture. These wraps prevent air leaks, provide adequate insulation and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Other Benefits of House Wrap

Other benefits of house wrap include pest control and an increase in property value. Every home or commercial building has nooks that are hard to see or ones that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These nooks and spaces are where animals and pests may decide to make their home because they are hard for humans to reach. Since these areas are hard to reach, an infestation can occur quickly and become a challenge to eliminate. This wrap is animal and pest-resistant, which means your home or business will not experience many pest problems or problems with animals making nests in your home or commercial building.

Home wrap can also improve the value of your home or commercial building. If you plan on selling your home or building in the future, incorporating home wrap in your home design can help you get the maximum return or more on your investment. Homebuyers want to invest in a home that is structurally sound and doesn’t require a lot of repairs.

House Wrap Home Design Tips

If you intend to use house wrap, it’s okay to wrap the upper layers over the lower tiers. You should also consider covering the edges of windows and doors to ensure complete insulation of your home or commercial building. For better functionality, install a drainage provision at the bottom of the outer cladding material.

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