5 Essential Front Door Color Ideas to Choose From

Choosing the right colors for your home is a tough but important task. Picking a front door color is particularly difficult because it’s such a central part of your home. Not only do you need a color that fits your home, you need one that fits the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a little help choosing a color for your front door, check out these 5 essential front door color ideas.


Grand Homes' Grand Avery II house floorplan

Brown is one of the most common front door colors, and for good reason. Brown doors look great with a lot of different exterior paint colors, and they’re also a great option if you want a door with a view built-in. Many Grand Homes floor plans, such as the Grand Alexandria, are designed with brown doors with glass that gives you a beautiful view and plenty of natural light. Best of all, you can choose between tons of shades of brown to find the perfect color for your home.


If you’re looking for a simple door color that won’t clash with other homes in DFW, white is another popular option. White is an especially nice front door color for darker houses since it creates a bit of contrast. The one downside to white doors is that they can be a little boring, which is why a lot of people prefer something a bit more vibrant. Still, white is one of the top neutral color choices for front doors.


Whether you’re looking for a door color that works with brick DFW homes or you simply want to add a splash of color to your home’s facade, red is a good choice. The brick-based Evelyn 209 floor plan used in the Grand Homes Country Club Estates homes is a perfect example of a home that would look great with a red door.

Bright Colors

When it comes to making your home pop, nothing gets the job done like a brightly colored front door. Whether you choose blue, yellow, red or some other color, it’s going to help your home turn a lot of heads. If you do plan on opting for a brightly colored front door, make sure it’s allowed in your neighborhood first.

Muted Colors

Choosing a nice muted front door color is a nice way to add some color to your home without going overboard. You can find muted shades of just about every color, most of which look great with more unique Grand Homes floor plans such as the Hartford II and Brandonwood. Plus, a muted front door color fits in with even the most upscale neighborhoods in DFW.

Picking the right floor plan and colors for your DFW home can be a lot of work. The good news is, Grand Homes is here to help. With numerous floor plans to choose from and years of experience, Grand Homes is the premier choice when it comes to home builders in DFW. Contact Grand Homes today to find out how you can get the home of your dreams.