Why Should I Move to Dallas?

From the picturesque Dallas Arboretum to the iconic 19th century Old Red Museum, which houses the city’s revered history, Dallas is the cultural and financial capital of northern Texas. Dallas is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, making it an ideal locale to own a home. Here’s why you should consider moving to Dallas:

Tons of Opportunity

Dallas Skyline

Dallas is known for its thriving economy. The robust economy presents opportunities for creating wealth and advancing careers. In addition to the dozens of large companies headquartered in Dallas, the city has a low unemployment rate, good job growth and great job diversity. The city also has a thriving entrepreneurial culture, which makes it ideal for people looking to start or continue their businesses.

Few Taxes

Besides helping your career, moving to Dallas can also benefit your overall savings. Residents of the state of Texas do not pay state or local income tax, which means that you get to keep a little more from your paycheck when you live in Dallas.

Easy Commute

Although Texans love cars, you can live and work in this city without a car. Dallas is an awesome city that allows residents to get around by walking or cycling. The pedestrian-friendly city has a number of walkable neighborhoods as well as a good number of bike trails so people can move around by bike. There are also several efficient and convenient public transportation options that residents can use and enjoy car-free living.

Recreational Facilities

Dallas is a modern city that has a lot to offer for everyone regardless of their interests and the activities they enjoy doing. Whether one enjoys arts and culture, watching sports, exploring the nightlife, or attending events, there will be plenty of things to do. The city also offers great spots for those who would like to take a food tour, go shopping or spend time with nature.

Educational Opportunities

The city is home to several great private, public and community educational institutions. For families with school-going kids, this ensures that little ones get some of the best education in the country. These learning institutions also make Dallas a wonderful city to live in for those looking to further their education for self-improvement.

Great Weather

Newcomers from the northern parts of the country will love the great weather. While it can get really hot in the summer, the largely snowless winters in Dallas make living here worthwhile.

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