4 Tips to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

A home filled with natural light is an attractive feature to many people. It’s a selling point for builders who want to attract home buyers. Fortunately, creating an abundance of natural light isn’t difficult. Many things can be done to enhance and increase natural light throughout a home. From mirrors, windows and doors, paint colors and curtains, there are many ways to enhance the amount and quality of natural light in a home.

1. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are powerful accessories when it comes to creating opportunities for ample natural light. Homebuyers who are part of the design process for their new home should consider installing larger windows, doors, and skylights. All three provide an abundance of light and should be located in key areas of a home. Skylights can be used in rooms to bring light to dark corners. The idea is to bathe as many areas of your home in natural light by inserting windows, doors, and skylights in these areas.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors effectively create the illusion of more light by amplifying even the smallest amount of light that filters into a room. The bigger they are, the better. You can place a mirror beside a window or opposite a window. The entire room will fill with light, even on an overcast day. Mirror placement is powerful when you consider the size of a room. For example, mirrors should be placed near light fixtures, wall sconces, or any source of light. This action creates bright even light in a room. Mirrors can effectively, and inexpensively, double the amount of natural light that enters a room. Potential homebuyers in the DFW area can rest assured that they can trust Grand Homes to build houses that have features to utilize natural light in attractive, practical ways.

3. Window Treatments

Window treatments can have a powerful impact on natural lighting. The most effective window treatments create privacy and still allow natural light to filter in as much as possible. Window treatments can utilize both style, fabric, and color to maximize natural lighting. Roller, pleated, and vertical blinds paired with the right lightweight semi-sheer fabric can allow natural light to filter into a room. Light-colored Venetian blinds and solar shades are also effective at allowing natural light into a room.

4. Color and Natural Light

Color can ingenuously enhance natural light. However, the colors you select to paint your walls should reflect the amount of natural light a particular room receives. Light colors emit more light, whereas darker colors absorb light. If you’re trying to maximize the amount of natural light in a dark room, use lighter colors. They will give the illusion of more natural light.

Increasing the amount of natural light in your home can be maximized in many ways. Grand Homes understands the beauty and function of natural light and utilize this concept in their home designs. There are many ways that natural light can be increased and projected in many areas of your home. Effective design ideas, paint colors, mirrors, and window treatments can be applied to create more abundant natural light in a home.