The 5 Home Building Trends of 2020

In recent years, home building trends have become more than just an expression of art. Now, homes are designed thoughtfully, often with the living experience in mind. Homeowners now consider safety, sustainability, and practicality in their home planning process. If you’re designing a home soon, consider first reviewing these 2020 building trends for inspiration.

1. Smart Automation

It wouldn’t be a list about 2020 building trends without discussing smart automation technology. Smart automation can help you control your home with more ease. A new trend is a focus on safety in smart tech.

Some of the most refreshing home smart automation concepts are:

  • An oven that is connected to your phone, so you can start preheating it remotely
  • A skylight that you can open and close for mood lighting
  • Smart thermostats controlled from your phone
  • A carbon monoxide detection device that automatically opens the car garage door if it detects a problem
  • Smart lighting controlled from your phone
  • Security cameras and security prompts that can automatically alert a security company

2. Disaster Resiliency

No matter where you live, your area is likely susceptible to some form of a natural disaster. We have seen how much damage earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis can do to homes. In recent years, many home builders are taking extra steps to make homes disaster-resilient. This includes building with disaster-resilient materials.

One popular example is the choice to use insulated concrete forms (ICFs) over traditional materials like wood. Some ICFs can withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour and offer a fire protection rating of four hours. In a severe emergency, these materials can be life-saving.

3. Sustainable Design

Sustainable design has come a long way past energy-efficient appliances. Many homeowners want a sustainably designed house, not only for the lower utility costs but also to limit their carbon footprint. There are many creative ways to build a sustainable house now. You can install solar panels on your roof, use reclaimed wood and other recycled materials, and use local materials.

4. Open Floor Layout

An open floor layout is probably the most popular and consistent home building trend in the last few years. While home builders used to design separate rooms for various activities (dining room, living room, media room), this is no longer the case. An open floor layout encourages togetherness and makes the space seem larger.

5. Outdoor Living

Many people are choosing to focus on their backyards as the main area for get-togethers. 2020 building trends focus on making the backyard almost seem like an escape in itself. This means much more than just installing a fire pit and some chairs. People are choosing to install mini-kitchens and bars for a cottage-feel in their backyards.

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