5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Home Builder

Any homeowner in the DFW area looking to build a new custom home undoubtedly has a lot of questions. Often many people get wrapped up in the exciting decisions of floorplans and custom finishes that they forget what is important.

Working With the Right Builder

Although you could always choose the first builder you find, think about the consequences. We recommend a more methodical approach. Use key questions. Like all other industries, the building contractor industry has plenty of good and bad contractors. It is your job to find the right one for your project.

Luckily, with the help of these 5 questions, you stand a better chance. Use these key questions to make a smarter purchase and avoid expensive mistakes.

1. What Is Your Experience in Building Custom Homes?

As you may have seen, most custom homes are a bit pricey. A custom home might be the biggest investment you ever make. So, getting it right the first time should be of priority. As such, you don’t want to be working with newbies in the custom home building business. Asking this question will help you determine the amount of experience your builder has.

The best option is working with a company which has over 5 years of experience or more in your area. The longevity of a builder in a specific area also indicates that they are trusted and tested in the area. You are assured that they will deliver the project as promised.

2. How Will the Final Costs of my Home Be Determined?

Accurate costs and realistic budgets during the estimating process allow for smooth operations during construction. Unfortunately, some homeowners might feel cheated when the final costs become higher than their intended budget. In some cases, you even find that some contractors don’t even deal with landscaping. These small things might lead to unwanted conflicts when the time comes to pay.

Ask your home builder about all the costs involved and estimated for a full understanding between both parties before work starts. If the builder takes long with the estimates, ask why. This might be a red flag.

3. What Features Are Standard in the Homes You Build?

Each custom home builder has what they call a standard of building. Some companies might have extra features compared to others. Before anything else, be sure to understand what is and what is not included in the price. In some cases, a builder may have a super-low cost, but the features you want might not be available. In these cases, you have to pay a hefty upgrade to have them included.

Once you find out about the standard options available, it is easier to plan for what you need to be upgraded. But first, make sure that plumbing appliances, electricals, cabinets, tiles and HVAC are included in the price.

4. How Can I Make Changes or Upgrades Throughout the Building Process?

The best part of custom-build homes is that you get to choose the way you want everything done. As such, you get to instruct the builder along the way. Make sure to go through many flooring plans, itemized bids, and specification, to have a brief idea of how much everything costs.

However, you need to understand that changes, while the project continues, might lead to upcharges or delays in the schedule. Therefore, it is important to understand how to make changes or upgrades so that you do not tamper with your custom home builder’s schedule. Planning also helps you save money.

5. Can you Provide References or Testimonials from Previous Home Buyers?

However honest, asking for the contractor’s previous clients is never the best option. It might come off as intrusive, even with the best intentions. We recommend skipping that and asking the builder directly for testimonials. Reputable builders are proud of their work and will provide you with all the references you need.

If that is not enough, you can request to see a current project they are working on in the area. Having all this information can give you an insight into the work to expect from your preferred builder.

Before You Go

If a contractor avoids these questions or can’t provide the information you require, you should rethink your options. Dig deeper by asking more questions to ensure you find the right partner for your new home.

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