How to Find the Right Builder for Your New Home

A new custom home might be your biggest investment ever. That is why it is not enough to just find a builder. You need to make sure they are the right fit for the project. Unfortunately, the building trade has a bad reputation thanks to a small number of contractors.

If you have done your research, you’ve probably come across many new home building horror stories of crooked walls, substandard building materials, or budgets going way overboard. However, many home builders are competent and capable of meeting your high standards. You just have to be careful in your selection.

Here are some tips to help you find the right builder in the DFW area.

Review Past Experiences

Do your research. Check out reviews and their responses. The only way you can truly gauge how well a builder works is by reviewing past experiences with former or current customers. Luckily enough, it’s easy to find reviews from verified clients online. You can even ask friends, family, and neighbors if they know of or have used the services of the builder in question.

As well as reading online feedback, it is worth asking to see photos of previous projects. You can ask a prospective builder to take you to one or two previous clients. Meeting previous customers is the best way of finding out about the quality of work and other minor details.

Analyze Licensing and Registration

We understand that you are busy. And checking the licensing and registration might not be at the top of your list. But how will you identify the real businesses from the fakes? These days, it is easy to find scammers or underqualified builders with well-set-up websites and cooked-up customer reviews. This is why you must check licensing before anything else.

Ask your home builder which association they belong to, and then call the association to ask if they are a member. Some associations even have online search functions to make work easier. If that is not enough, you can ask your builder to provide you with a builder’s license or any other necessary documentation.

Examine Construction Costs

Although high prices are not always an indication of good quality, you should be cautious of too good to be true quotes. Price is hardly a show of quality. However, if a contractor comes back with a price that is very low compared to other tenders, you need to question.

A good home contractor should have an accurate and realistic quote, and it is your responsibility to confirm this. You can ask your builder to give you a detailed breakdown of the budget for labor and materials to avoid problems further down the line. Also, make sure you are paying the builder you have chosen and not subcontractors unless agreed.

Ask About Energy Efficiency

We are all pro-environment, and so should be your home. When choosing a home contractor in the DFW area, make sure to ask about energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home will:

  • Help reduce your impact on the environment
  • Help you use your central heating better
  • Keep your home warmer for longer
  • Save you money on electricity and gas

Take time to look at the energy-efficient deals from your builder. You can also ask if there any added costs coming with adding these features.

Find a Builder that Works Locally

Finding a builder locally has huge benefits when it comes to your home. A local builder comes with more time on site, knowledge of local planning, and other invaluable pieces of wisdom that will be used on your site. With a local builder, you also have easy access to past projects plus former and current clients for insight.

Here’s the Good News

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