4 Techniques to Maximize Space in Your New Home

Feeling cramped can make us feel small and undervalued, especially if you’re living in a big city. However, according to Trulia, half of Americans want a bigger house. So you are not alone.

Whether your home is big or small, there are many ways to create space in whatever size you occupy. Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that clever use of space and decluttering is key to making any room feel spacey. The idea of a living a minimalistic life is not only appealing to many but also suitable for most American homes.

If your home feels compact, moving out might be an option, but we might have some easier solutions. Come and take a look at our ideas for making the most of your space.

1. Open Up Your Entryway

Your entryway is like a welcome mat for guests and family walking into your home. If you think about it, the entryway is one of the most used parts of your house. As such, it should be free from clutter and have enough space for easy movement.

Most of the time, entryways have shoes and coat hangers blocking the area. You can maximize this space by placing a bench for removing shoes. If your living space is limited, you can construct open shelves and have wall-mounted hooks for your coats. In short, find a way of removing as much clutter from the floor as possible.

2. Utilize Empty Wall Space

Wall space matters when maximizing space in your DFW-area home. Leaving your walls unused can make your house look dull, unattractive and boring. However, if you’re unsure of what to do with your walls, here are some things you can try.

First, fill up your walls with decor. Decorate with very few but large accessories. For example, you can hang big art prints or large coffee table books. Small pieces make your wall look crowded and cluttered.

Secondly, the mirrors are your friends. They reflect light making a room feel larger and welcoming. Smart use of mirrors will instantly add more space while making your home stylish and functional.

Lastly, mount your TV. Most entertainment centers are a big waste of floor space. Mounting your TV and speakers above a fireplace or on the accent wall gives your living room a less cluttered look.

3. Use Multipurpose Furniture

If possible, invest in furniture with a dual purpose. For example, you can have a bed with storage space underneath. Before buying furniture, look at the space available and see which multifunctional furniture will improve the room.

For example, you can use two small coffee tables instead of one large table. This way, you can move each independently compared to moving one bulky table. These days, you even find a seat that converts into a bed. Just do your research, and find the best solution for your space.

4. Create Outdoor Living Space

Never overlook the importance of your outdoor space when it comes to decluttering your interior living space. If there is space, summerhouses, sheds and ingenious bike storage facilities will free up more space in your DFW area home. Porches are another way to extend the living space. You can add thousands of living square feet by just using porches.

Luckily, residents of the DFW get to enjoy outdoor spaces for much of the year. To make your outdoor space even comfier, you should consider investing in an outdoor fan or heater.

Before You Leave

Most people desire a clutter-free home. Try these four tips to make the most out of your limited living space. However, if you are considering buying a new home, you should think of Grand Homes in the DFW area. All our homes come with your needs in mind. We make sure all our homes are spacious and provide maximum storage for easier decluttering.

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