4 Ways to Spot an Untrustworthy Home Builder

Building a home doesn’t come cheap. As a homeowner, you invest a lot of time, money and energy into one of your life’s biggest projects. This is an investment that touches you and your family’s lives for years to come.

For this reason, a project so significant should not be left to just anyone. You need to find a trustworthy home builder in the DFW area. You need someone who understands your needs and can deliver quality.

However, not everyone you meet is a legitimate home builder. Use these 4 tips to spot an untrustworthy home builder.

1. Major Differences in Average Cost (Higher or Lower)

The thing is, on your journey to finding the right home builder, you will find many contractors promising to make you a deal in certain aspects of the project. However, most material and labor costs are standard in the industry. If you find a contractor promising too good to be true prices, think again.

Most of the time, they will compromise on the quality of the materials to meet your budget.

On the other hand, if a contractor overcharges for a specific project, you should stay away. Always source at least three different quotes so you can get a good idea of what you should pay.

2. Requires Money Upfront

Think about it. When you walk into a restaurant, do you pay the full amount for food you have not yet even seen? Maybe not. In the same way, paying for the construction of your house should never be a one-time thing. In most cases, you are only required to pay a deposit to kickstart the work.

The contractor might ask for a down payment to pay for the materials and labor while building your house. And this is fine. The financing for your project needs to come somewhere. Right?

Although there are no industry standards, deposits of up to 20% of the total cost are enough, unless in exceptional circumstances. The size of the project, resources, and manpower needed might influence these percentages.

However, if you find a home builder asking for the full amount upfront, you might be dealing with an untrustworthy builder.

3. No Contractor License

A trustworthy contractor should readily provide all the documents you might require from them before setting up work. If a contractor appears to be dodging providing the documents, you should stay away. In some cases, you might find contractors who seem to be working from the back of their van. Avoid these kinds of builders.

You should work with a registered business, so always do a background check to prove that their business is fully registered. If the home builder claims to be a member of a trade organization, be sure to look it up.

4. No Reviews or Reputation

As a general rule of thumb, you should only consider home builders who have many reviews from trusted sources. In other words, you should look for references of people who have used their services.

The truth is, anyone can build a list of subcontractors for building your home. However, only true professional home builders have the experience and quality to successfully balance the complexities of home building and customer satisfaction.

A builder with a trail of bad reviews and poor ratings is an obvious red flag.

Trustworthy Home Builders in the DFW Area

Choosing the right home builder is a step you have to get right the first time. So, take time and make a list of potential contractors that provide quality while fitting your budget. If finding a builder you can trust is high on your list of priorities, consider the tips we have discussed.

But There is Hope

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