2020 Interior Decorating Trends

Designing your own new home can be exciting. As homeowners, you get to choose from so many interior design options, from traditional to ultra-modern. You want your investment to produce a grand palace that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Which interior design options should you include? Take a look at some popular trends for 2020 that might help you decide.

Color Accent Wall

Add artistic flair to your special spaces with a color accent wall. Give one surface a bold, explosive shade that bounces off the other elements in the room. Or, instead, maybe a cool foundational hue that sets a solid tone for the rest of the area. The possibilities are endless and can create an atmosphere of color creativity that gives your home style and character.

Home Offices

A home office is a perfect solution for working remotely, managing personal finances, or helping that peewee ball team. Select your area size and include all the conveniences like file storage, computer connections and multimedia access. Streamline your daily duties with a well-designed office, and make your desk time more effective and ultra-productive.


More is better in an expressive, impassioned maximalist interior design. Take your creativity to the highest plane with a barrage of colors, mixed patterns and bold expressions. Create an environment that speaks loudly with all the passions that are within you. Express yourself. As new homeowners, anything is possible!

Colorful Kitchens

Imagine a kitchen that is spicy, robust, deep-dish, and rich – and that’s just the atmosphere before you start to cook! Make your creation station as bold as your best sauce with bright, expressive colors and active hues. No more drab, lifeless kitchen life for your family, this place will inspire creativity and bring out your best. Add selective lighting options to enhance the feeling, and see how special your kitchen can really be.

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Extend your favorite spaces into the great outdoors with some combination of indoor and outdoor floor designs. Add outdoor patios, living rooms, cooking and serving areas, and connect them in with shared coverings and wide passageways. Create a seamless transition from normal indoor living to the fresh, exciting realm of the glorious outdoors. Bring some nature into your living!

Make Your Dreams Reality

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