Pros and Cons of Adding a Swimming Pool

To a homebuyer, swimming pools are instant markers of luxury and relaxation. However, despite their numerous benefits, adding installing one comes with inherent responsibilities and a few concerns. It is essential for a homebuyer to weigh the pros and cons of adding a swimming pool before the decision. Here’s a quick review of four pros and cons of installing an underground pool:


1. Entertainment Purposes

This is one of the key benefits every homebuyer seeks. Installing a swimming pool comes with the immediate thrill of spending the day enjoying relaxing swims. Owners can also throw pool parties, and get-togethers are exciting if guests get to dive in the pool. Swimming is entertaining and a workout that most people fancy over strenuous gym sessions. The poolside also makes a perfect setting for birthday parties, anniversaries, family cookouts and holiday celebrations.

2. Increases Home Value

Every homebuilder agrees that a swimming pool significantly increases the property’s value. Homes with a pool are expensive. When planning to resell a home, adding a pool will increase the home’s value, which can be as high as 150% of the installation cost. Underground swimming pools are assets and permanent components of the house.

3. Adds to Your Home’s Aesthetic

Swimming pools create a visually impressive scenery around the home, explaining why they are perfect settings for parties and celebrations. Many people wish for poolside engagement proposals and weddings simply because pools are tranquil and romantic. Owners can also transform and customize them to be as attractive as desired.

4. Convenience

Adding a pool eliminates the inconvenience of commuting to a public pool and all its restrictions. Pool owners can use the pool whenever they want and throw parties without booking in advance. This means no crowds and 24/7 access, even during peak seasons when everyone is looking for a cool pool.


1. Pools Require Extra Maintenance

This is the primary disadvantage of having a swimming pool. Pools require regular maintenance, cleaning and disinfection to ensure safety. Owners need to invest in cleaning services and supplies to keep the pool water clean. The pool will also require significant upgrades, maintenance and repairs to remain aesthetic and functional.

2. Takes Up Yard Space

Unlike above-ground swimming pools, underground pools take up a lot of yard space. Pool installers will inspect the installation area to determine the ideal location for a pool and not everyone has enough space to install one. If the land isn’t enough to fit a standard underground swimming pool, the homeowner can choose an above ground pool. Nonetheless, the pool will still take up your yard space and leaves unsightly dead spots when removed.

3. Large Investment

Installing an underground pool requires high initial capital and maintenance fees are inevitable. For many homebuyers, the limited-time spent in a swimming pool doesn’t easily justify the massive investment requirement. However, there are various ways to reduce the overall investment and maintenance costs.

4. Your Insurance May Go Up

Homes with a swimming pool pay higher premiums than those without one. This is because swimming pools come with a security concern. People can slip, fall or drown in the pool. Insurance carriers also see the pool as an asset that needs separate protection, so the homebuyer should expect to pay more.

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