6 Reasons to Move Into the DFW Metroplex

Dallas Fort Worth is a thriving metropolitan area with thousands of people. It is booming with culture, sports, and tourist activities. It is a great place to call home regardless of whether you plan on doing business, starting a family, or pursuing employment. If you are planning your move to DFW, you may be wondering if it is the right option, the following are some of the most compelling reasons to move.

1. Job Opportunities

The DFW Metroplex is home to many big names, including FedEx, Toyota, and Liberty Mutual. Many other businesses have their headquarters in the area. It is a great place to seek employment. If you plan on starting a business, the thriving economy makes it one of your best options. Living in the DFW area, you can earn a little more of your paycheck as there is no state income tax.

2. Education

You can find lots of amazing schools in and around the area. Whether you are looking for public or charter schools, you have options. According to a United States News & World Report, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is home to 401 private and 355 K-12 schools, and it’s close to many colleges and universities. These universities include the University of Texas at Dallas, University of Dallas, and Southern Methodist University.

3. Climate

Even though Texas is popular for its heat, the DFW Metroplex has a pleasant climate. It experiences all four seasons, and you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. It’s beautiful all year round, and there is always something fun to do. The Dallas Fort-Worth climate is generally humid subtropical. The summers are hot, and the city receives rainfall all through the year. Precipitation varies from less than 20 to over 50 inches, and the winters are mild.

4. Shopping

If you enjoy shopping, Dallas Fort Worth has lots of malls, boutiques, and shops. The shopping districts include Sundance Square/Downtown, Clearfolk, Waterside, and Near Southside. There is a good selection of shops, and it is easy to find one that fits your needs. The Dallas Fort Worth complex has more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the United States.

5. Nightlife

The nightlife in DFW Metroplex is vibrant. Sundance Square is the heart of DFW. Walking downtown Sundance Square, there are tree-lit sidewalks with plenty of people, bars, live theaters, and restaurants. The area provides all sorts of entertainment. Throughout the city, there are local and national acts performing in live music venues. The Stockyards District always has some fun brewing.

6. Sports

Dallas has all the pro sports you want. The NBA (Mavericks), MLB (Rangers), and NFL (Cowboys) are just some of them. There are plenty of sporting events all-year-round. Football is the most popular sport, and football season is one of the main seasons. There are lots of high schools, universities, and professional football teams. Even if you are not a football fan, you can always find a sport that interests you.

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