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8 Expert Tips For Decorating Your New Home

Buying a new home is often fraught with paperwork, emotion, and eventually – the purest form of satisfaction. As expert home builders, Grand Homes truly understands how personal this experience is to every individual. The happiest people make plans in advance, especially about how they are going to decorate their new home. It’s a rare joy to experience sitting down for the first time in a space that you have designed to match your lifestyle and tastes.

Out With The Old

This is the ideal opportunity to declutter. Purge every item you own that is surplus to your requirements. Sell or recycle your old wares and seize this opportunity to make a fresh start. The purging process should begin at least three months before you’re due to move.

Know Your Measurements

Become one with the floor plan of your new abode and make sure you accurately measure every item of furniture that you intend to bring. Few situations are more frustrating than discovering your plush new sofa and chairs don’t fit comfortably in the living room.

Less Is More

Try to keep ornaments and accessories to a minimum. Modern design favors clean lines, straight edges, and simplicity. Plus, it’s always better to start with less and add new finishing touches later.

Start With The Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time in our homes. Focus on getting a sumptuous, comfortable bed, and think of it as a design centerpiece. To really tie the look together, keep a common color theme running through each decorative item.

Color Matching

Avoid filling entire rooms with one single color and be sure to inject your personality into your creative output. One of our favorite new home decoration tips is to match your color scheme to your lifestyle. Early risers should stick with light colors while night owls should choose a darker color palate.

Mirrors Create Space

Glass has a magnificent impact on a room and we recommend putting a mirror in each room of the house. Not only do they add space, but they also increase brightness and contribute towards a calm ambiance.

Revive Dull Finishes

Take this opportunity to give your favorite pieces of furniture a new coat of varnish or paint. Remember, every item that you take from your old house into your new home needs to match the new style perfectly.

Layer The Lights

Finally, the best way to transition from day to evening and then from evening to night within the home is by layering lighting. We recommend that you plan for at least 3 watts per square foot.

If you’ve pondered over whether it’s the right time to build your new home, get in touch with Grand Homes. We’ll discuss with you how we can make your dream property a reality.