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How To Pick The Right Layout For Your New Home

Designing a new home is exciting and challenging. There are so many options and design choices to make. For the new homebuyer, it can be a little intimidating figuring out where to start, and what to include. These suggestions will help you begin, and hopefully, spur thoughts of everything you might want to consider in your new home.

Determine the Number of Rooms and Bathrooms

How many rooms do you need? That’s the question, now we’ll break it down. Think about how you’d like your home to look. Most homebuyers want a sizable living room, a generous kitchen, and plenty of bedrooms. How many bedrooms do you want, and what size? Most master bedrooms are designed to be large, with plenty of closet space and a private bathroom. How many bedrooms do you want for children or for guest rooms? Do you want to plan a bathroom for each, or will some of them share a bathroom with others? It’s also important to think about a utility room, cleaning closets, and garage size. What about a craft room, game room, library, office, or study? The options may seem endless, but with some careful thought, you can decide what you really want to enjoy in your new home.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

If you’re like most homeowners, it may seem like you never have enough storage. It might be a closet space for each bedroom. A master storage area for vacuums and cleaning supplies. Seasonal storage for clothes and decorations. Whatever the need, it’s always good to have extra storage. In many homes, storage space is added to the garage or attic. For some homebuyers, dedicated storage areas are more desirable, especially for special projects like crafts or businesses.

Open or Closed Layout

The homeowner’s decision to choose an open design or a closed layout is purely personal. Some people prefer the privacy of a closed home, with doors and walls that shut out the other areas. Others enjoy the spacious roominess of an open layout, sharing the space between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. It’s your choice, and it lets you decide which one you would like for your new home.

Think of the Future

It’s important to remember when designing your home that you also want to plan for any future needs. Most people keep their new home for many years. Think ahead to where you’ll be as time passes, and choose your layout accordingly.

Keep Your Design Ideas In Mind

When designing each room of the home, take a minute to stop and think about how you will decorate and utilize each one. With the size and layout chosen, will your furniture fit? Are your design and decorating plans compatible? Consider all the options for a smoother homeowner transition.

Grand Homes

Grand Homes can take your dreams and desires and turn them into reality. Our professional design team can capture your ideas and help you choose the layout you desire. Give us a call today and see how easy becoming a new homeowner can be.