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7 Features That Home Buyers Are Looking For

Hardwood Floors Living Room

A homebuyer looking into designing their new dream home is faced with an endless list of options. Every possibility imaginable is available in a new build. You want to dream big and capture every desire of your heart, but where do you start? To help decide, here are 7 feature trends that homebuyers are currently seeking.

1. Turnkey Design

One feature that homeowners have selected consistently is a turnkey design. Once the buyer has decided to commit to a new home, it’s nice to find one already completed and ready. Many styles are prebuilt or ready to finish out for the new homebuyer and available in great neighborhoods.

2. Energy Efficiency

A new home purchase is an investment that will last for many years. By selecting every energy-efficient option available, the long-term savings can be fantastic. Heating and cooling systems, insulation, weather-tight windows and overall airflow access can all play a big part.

3. Extra Storage Space

Let’s face it, we like our stuff. We collect, accumulate, utilize and invest in all sorts of items for everything from supplies to crafts to fashion. When designing a new place to live, a homeowner can choose extra storage for the years ahead. Walk-in closets, attic storage, laundry facilities and expanded garages are all popular.

4. Outdoor Spaces

While designing the perfect home layout, don’t forget to include patios, lawn areas, special lighting and gorgeous landscaping to make your outdoor areas extra special. Add extended access to the living and dining areas of the house, and create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

5. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not only a beautiful addition to any living area, they are also durable, useful and long-lasting. A good hardwood floor installation often lasts for the entire lifetime of the home, making it a great investment for a homeowner.

6. Updated Kitchen and Bathrooms

Today’s kitchens are filled with every convenience from high-tech appliances to enhanced lighting and improved airflow. Make your preparation areas roomy and comfortable, so mealtime is a breeze. Give your bathrooms that home spa capability, and enjoy a little pampering right in your own home.

7. Modern Appearance

Architectural designs in homes range from historical to traditional to futuristic. A luxurious layout with a modern appearance is trending right now, but the possibilities are endless. Your home is your castle, so make it exactly what you want it to be. Dream big!

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