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8 Ways To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Dog on pouf

Choosing a new home means planning for the entire family, and for every adventure in life. Be sure to include your furry family members when you make homebuyer decisions. Here are 8 ways to make your home more pet-friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

1. Give Them Their Own Space

As a homeowner, you want to plan for every family member to be comfortable and fulfilled in their new place. Be sure to include the furry ones, and provide adequate space for them to live, play and enjoy life alongside the rest.

2. Remove Harmful Items

Not everything found in a home is safe for pets. Take a quick inventory and remove or store away any dangerous or easily broken items, chemicals, or sharp objects.

3. Store Food Safely

Every type of animal has its own unique diet and specific sensitivities to various foods. A tasty morsel to us could be toxic to them. Be sure to store foods in a safe, well-protected area.

4. Beware Toxic Plants

It might surprise you what simple houseplants are dangerous to pets. Do a little research before you fill the place with gorgeous greenery to keep it pet-friendly.

5. Conceal Dangerous Wiring

Let’s face it, puppies and kitties like to chew on things. They might have a floor filled with chew toys and still be fascinated with that power cord from the lamp. Avoid a tragic event by covering up those dangerous wires and outlets. A quick rearrange of the furniture and wrap up of loose cables can locate them out of reach of our playful little friends and keep everyone safe.

6. Puppy Proof Your Furniture

Consider your whole family, including your pets, when you shop for furniture and household accessories. Be sure that your environment is perfect for everyone, even the furry ones.

7. Invest in Proper Cleaning Products

Every homeowner wants to keep their new abode in top condition for family members and guests alike. Pet-friendly cleaning products are specially designed to help remove odors, stains, and hair. Keep your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh, and everyone will enjoy it even more.

8. Create a Happy Backyard Area

Backyards are great for grilling, chilling and entertaining. When designing your outdoor areas as a homebuyer, consider the needs of your fur-babies too. Allow them some space to run and play and to enjoy the fresh air with the rest of the family.

Get Started On Your New Home

If you love the thought of becoming a new homeowner but don’t know where to start, Grand Homes can help. We have 32 years of experience designing and building dream homes for homebuyers like yourself. Contact us and see how easy it can be to move up to the beautiful home you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today and make those tails wag happily tomorrow.