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Outdoor Rooms The Newest Design Trend

outdoor room with dark couches and shelves in the background

Homeowners are making their patios, decks, and backyards well-fitted, cozy extensions of their homes. They use these outdoor rooms to hang out, exercise, and cook among other activities.

This new design trend involves making the part of your outdoor space of daily life. Homeowners achieve this by using multipurpose add-ons, smart technology, and structures that allow homeowners to stay outside longer.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular among homebuilders. These kitchens are available in multiple varieties, such as satellite kitchens and independent kitchens. Satellite kitchens supplement the primary interior kitchen with additional elements, such as pizza ovens and grills. Independent kitchens enable homeowners to do all the cooking outdoors as they feature all essential cooking elements. These include refrigeration, storage, a sink, and prep space.Multipurpose Furniture

Outdoor furniture has emerged as a way to serve daily needs as entertaining guests become less frequent in the past year. Designing furniture is now as much about function as it is about style.

Homebuyers now get outdoor furniture that performs multiple functions. Some pieces even have hidden features that make them versatile and usable in almost any space.

Social Front Yards

Among the newest outdoor room trends are front yards. Homebuilders previously used their front yards only to enhance their homes’ curb appeal. Many have now made them in a new room to maximize their living space.

They also use these rooms to connect with their community through socially distanced gatherings and drive-by parties. Homebuyers bring their front yards to life by adding elements such as a cozy bench or a bistro table.

Edible Gardens

The ongoing pandemic drove many homeowners to try gardening as an outdoor hobby. Many also use edible gardening to add homegrown herbs, vegetables, and fruits to their pantries.

Edible gardening enhances the nutrition, color, and flavor of a homeowner’s diet. Some emerging edible gardening trends include health-enhancing immunity gardens and meatless Monday gardens for plant-based diets.

Protective Structures That Provide Privacy

The increasing need for outdoor activity has raised the need for protection for prying eyes and the elements. Homebuilders want outdoor rooms where they can use their laptops away from the sun’s harsh glare or practice yoga undistracted. Some examples of privacy solutions for outdoor rooms include outdoor drapery panels, screens, plant walls, and tilting umbrellas.

Accessories That Make Outdoor Spaces Comfortable

An increasing number of homeowners are extending the time they spend outside using various add-ons, accessories, and furniture. These include amenities such as misting systems, heat lamps, and fire pits. Homeowners make their outdoor rooms more comfortable with outdoor lighting, throw blankets, outdoor rugs, and other similar elements.

Outdoor Technology

Homeowners today integrate their outdoor spaces into their daily living by incorporating their interior technology into the exterior spaces. Many of them have amplified their home Wi-Fi signal so that they work or access streaming services in their outdoor spaces. Some homeowners have created outdoor rooms such as outdoor workspaces or outdoor theaters in their backyards.

Expand your living space with outdoor rooms

The outdoor rooms design trend shows no sign of slowing down. Several options are available for homeowners who want to make home exteriors a part of their everyday lives. Contact Grand Homes to find out more about outdoor designs, available homes, communities and more.