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Top Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in DFW

Overview of large neighborhood from rooftop view

If you’re hoping to buy a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then you’re in luck. Many neighborhoods can give you a fantastic home experience, depending on your preferences. There is a mix of options available regarding style, distance from the city, and population density. Not only are they close to urban hubs, but these neighborhoods also have a lot of historical value. This means that you can find a mix of new and old construction to choose from, according to your vision for a new home. Here are 3 of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in DFW.

1. Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow has a reputation as a safe but affordable neighborhood. It is the best choice for young couples to raise their family in a wholesome and stable environment. The styles in the Preston Hollow area range from ranch to mid-century modern homes. There are even a few homes done cottage-style for those interested in a more idyllic aesthetic. In comparison to other areas in Dallas, Preston Hollow can offer pocket-friendly starting prices.

You should know that the Preston Hollow neighborhood is close to many schools if you have a young family. Top-tier private schools such as Ursuline Academy of Dallas are close by, making it an ideal commute.

Activities in the Preston Hollow Area

As a community-driven neighborhood, there are lots of wholesome activities to do near Preston Hollow. This includes following the trails at Harry S Moss Park, which are ideal for both hikers and bikers. The Preston Royal Branch Library is also close by for those that want a more restive break.

2. Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is a friendly alternative for people looking to buy a home while remaining in the heart of the city. This neighborhood can be a nice transition from an urban setting to a suburban one for young, first-time homeowners. Although Oak Cliff is in the town, the homes in this neighborhood allow for a yard and plenty of style options. The community also has many smaller, specialized areas for various activities, and the Bishop Arts District is one of them.

Activities in the Oak Cliff Area

Many festivals happen in this area, with the Oak Cliff Film Festival being one of the most popular. Those interested in animals can visit the nearby Dallas Zoo or the Flamingo Pond. The Bishop Arts Theatre Centre is also a popular choice for plays by the local company.

3. Lakewood

Lakewood is an excellent option for those looking to move to a quiet paradise away from city life. Unlike Preston Hollow and Oak Cliff, Lakewood residents are farther away from hectic urban life. The neighborhood is in the Northeast area of Dallas and has a lot of architectural diversity. From Tudors to prairie-style homes, you are guaranteed to find your dream style in this area.

Activities in the Lakewood Area

A quick commute from this area can get you to Northern Dallas, enjoying the city’s entertainment. For closer options, you can explore the trails at White Rock Lake and the nearby Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

If you’re interested in any of these Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods, contact us to learn more about your options. Not only can we direct you to a great area, but we can also help you add your personal flair to your new home.