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5 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas tree with one gold sparkly ornament

The holidays are a great time to give a fresh look to your home. However, if you’re moving into a new home or have recently moved into one, you may be short on ideas to make your home look festive. So here are five ideas to help you along and give your dwelling a gorgeous seasonal look.

Use A Tree Skirt

Of course, the Christmas tree is an essential item for the holidays. But how to make it really stand out? Christmas tree skirts are available in a range of designs. There are fleece ones that look like snow that’s fallen around the tree base, decorative material ones, and even skirts that are durable and wipeable. You can also use a rug if you see one in a festive design that you like!

Headboard Garlands

Not everyone thinks to decorate their bedroom for the season. However, if you’re keen to bring the Christmas spirit into your bedroom, you can decorate your headboard.

If your bed is against the wall, you can drape a garland across the top. You can weave it around the headboard if you have a metal frame. The garland will give an instant cozy feeling and take up very little room. Depending on space and your taste, you can use a thick, bushy garland or a thinner, more elegant option.

Festive Throws

Throws are an excellent way of making any room feel cozy, be it for beds, sofas, entryways, or entryways. In addition, you can switch up your designs during the festive season, swapping out your throws for ones in seasonal colors. Red, green, white and brown are ideal color choices.

As well as having something cozy to snuggle up with, you will also have a fantastic extra piece of seasonal decor! You could also purchase some Christmas bedding and brighten up your bedroom or guestroom for the season.

Hang Stockings

Stockings are a long-established Christmas tradition and look great over any mantel. Maybe you could switch away from the usual gimmicky ones and add a touch of elegance?

You can purchase Chic and stylish stockings in a variety of color choices these days, so you can pick ones to match the rest of your decor. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to hanging them above the mantel. Instead, you can purchase some hooks and place them on your walls, on a side table, or a dresser.


Candles are a fantastic seasonal decoration and look great in white and red. You can place them all over your home too. Placing candles on window sills, dining tables, kitchen surfaces, and side tables will provide a wonderful and beautiful festive look.

If you’re worried about flames in your home, there are other options. Flameless candles are available in a range of sizes and colors and can look just as good!

Enjoy Your New Seasonal Look!

With these five tips, you’re now equipped with a great start on transforming your home into a gorgeous seasonal grotto. So get bust with decorating and have fun!

If you have more questions about home design or you’re looking to find a new place for the season, get in touch with Grand Homes by clicking here.