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Home Design Trends of 2022

modern, farmhouse bathroom

Innovation begins with a spark of inspiration, like today’s many unique home design trends. As people hope to return to normalcy after the pandemic, aspiring homeowners desire new home designs. With the year unfolding, experts at Grand Homes recommend this as an excellent time to start projects. It’s a perfect moment to get familiar with new architectural home trends.

Home Design Trends that Will Dominate 2022

With many people leaning toward personal tastes, some designs blend previous concepts with new inspirations. However, others are focused on functionality and comfort, thus enhancing creativity. But, to get a sense of the best designs, here are the top trends for this year.

Dedicated Rooms

The current situation around the globe has made home offices a necessity. These dedicated rooms have become an integral component in many home developers’ plans, such as Grand Homes. Home offices are becoming a common requirement, with clients also asking for spas, gyms, and glam rooms.

Several aspiring homeowners continue to ask for specialized rooms minimizing the need to leave their homes. The majority have become accustomed to staying indoors, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, home designs with dedicated rooms will become increasingly popular this year.

Designs Enhancing Well-being

The need for well-being is important and will continue to dominate this year. New home designs trends will strongly lean towards this aspect too. Just like biophilic designs gained popularity in recent years still, in 2022, they will continue to shape architectural designs. These are designs indirectly or directly blending interior spaces with nature. Moreover, as people are now used to staying indoors, new homeowners crave balanced designs.

Open-Plan Designs

These are designs that promote connectivity. The plan is for new construction clients who desire to stay connected with friends and family. Moreover, the open-plan design makes a home appear more welcoming and friendly with a sense of belonging. In addition, after the previous lockdowns, people have started turning to plans that make home entertainment easier. This design will continue to shape the better part of this year’s home trends.

Freestanding Baths

Today, new home builders are looking for creative designs to add sophistication and comfort. Home developers like Grand Homes are tweaking existing plans to allow creativity like the freestanding baths. Aspiring homeowners desire bathrooms that enhance quietness and relaxation after a busy day.

Sustainble Home Designs

The future home is strongly leaning towards self-sufficiency. The home designs trend shaping this concept have layouts allowing installation of technology supporting sustainability. Current home plans are adding infrastructure layouts for accessories such as solar arrays.

Quiet Space Designs

As life gets busier with home offices becoming a standard feature, the need for quietness is essential. Home developers are designing houses with quiet spaces. These are rooms without clutter or giant televisions. Many quiet rooms are designed in corners with limited access to maximize calmness.

Luxurious Kitchen Space Designs

The more people spend time at home, the more they use the kitchen. Today, many home design trends leave spacious layouts for kitchens to create and install luxurious finishes. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, the open floor plan is still a desirable design.

The rapid change in home design trends will continue to play out in 2022. However, Grand Homes is the ultimate solution for people looking for the latest trends. Call and find out more today.