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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

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It’s a new year and time for a “new you” for both you and your home! At Grand Homes, we’ve gathered some of the most popular new years resolutions for homeowners, perfect for the DIY weekend warrior.

Create a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Eating better is a common resolution, and one way to help stay on track is to have a kitchen focused more on family health. Create an environment for better health for everyone, like posting weekly menus with ingredients and preparations listed. Consider investing in some kid-friendly kitchen tools so that they can help with making snacks and dinners, teaching youngsters about nutrition.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Going green in your home is a way of giving back to the planet. Learn how to recycle correctly, and have a designated recycle spot in the house. You can also seal and insulate your windows, doors, and ductwork, improving energy efficiency while lowering your utility bills.

Install Low-Maintenance Materials

Durable, low-maintenance materials provide trouble-free service and ease of cleaning, which makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. For example, fiber-cement siding is exceptionally stable and weatherproof and can last up to 50 years. Or, replace the regular bulbs in your home with LED lighting, which can last up to 18 years.

Make Your Home Safe and Sound

Making your home look lovely is one important step, but ensuring it’s secure is vital. Test all your smoke alarms, and consider investing in a smart home monitoring system that includes fire alarms and carbon monoxide and radon monitoring.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air may be more polluted than outside air? Pet dander, allergens, dirt and debris, and mold all make it more difficult for people and pets to breathe comfortably and stay healthy. Make sure to change your air filters every quarter, and consider investing in indoor air purifiers that work with your existing HVAC system.

Make Home Improvement a Family Project

Making home improvement a family project can be a fun way to bring you closer together. Consider building bookshelves or a toy chest together, painting a child’s room, or planting a flowerbed in your yard. Finding DIY projects with aspects that children can help with makes home improvement a bonding experience.

Organize and De-Clutter

The best and cheapest way to spruce up your home is to de-clutter. If you’ve lived in your home for several years, you may have items you no longer need, from outgrown clothing and unused toys to old papers and bills, or broken items. Go through each room in the house to remove old items and donate or throw them away. Plus, when you de-clutter, you may uncover additional space for storage or make your home ready to sell.

Fresh Paint For a Facelift

 A fresh coat of paint inside and out immediately improves the appearance of your house. Repainting your home every few years brightens the rooms and brings an entire design aesthetic together. Outdoors, power washing and repainting your exterior brightens up your curb appeal and adds value to your home.

Survey Your Foundation

The foundation may not be the most glamorous part of your home, but it’s arguably the most important. If you haven’t had your foundation surveyed recently, book a professional to check for leaks, cracks, or openings. It’s always better to find minor problems and fix them right away instead of waiting for a large home improvement emergency.

Deep Clean and Stay Clean

After you’ve de-cluttered, hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the entire house. Then, set up a schedule for regular cleaning, including age-appropriate chores for children. When you start with a fully cleaned home, it’s easier to keep it clean and sparkling and more inviting.


These simple New Years’ resolutions for your home can improve its value and contribute to a healthier, more comfortable environment for your family, pets, and visitors.