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How to Maximize Space in a Smaller Home

modern white bedroom

Maximizing space in a smaller home is achievable. Homeowners can tweak the painting, choose the right furniture, and leverage floor-to-ceiling installations. Space dividers and hidden storage compartments also work for some people. Here are seven ways to maximize space in a smaller home:

1.    Paint the Rooms White

White paint makes a room lighter and brighter, allowing furniture to stand out more. Painting the walls white doesn’t maximize space but trick the eyes and make the room appear airier. White paints are trendy and provide the best canvas to achieve a spacious design.

2.    Use Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling installations have become trendy over the past few years for their space efficiency. Homeowners can install shelves that run the entire length of the walls, providing extra storage for items. Such installations are perfect for keeping specific items out of view while leveraging space unused in smaller homes.

3.    Purchase Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture allows one to use the fixture for more than one function, eliminating the need to have separate furniture. A great example is a daybed, it doubles as lounging furniture for the day and a bed at night. Other popular options include C-tables for coffee and computer. Homeowners can also use full-size furniture to hide unsightly elements and increase space illusion.

4.    Under-Stair/Bet Storage

Installing roll-out carts or drawers under the stairs provides storage for extra items. An experienced interior designer can take the measurements of the space to design the perfect fixture for existing needs. Similarly, the area under the bed can accommodate bookshelves and other simple fixtures for extra storage. Homeowners can get ideas from experts to determine the best way to utilize such spaces for their needs.

5.    Add Room Dividers

Walls take up space and aren’t as flexible as dividers. So instead of using walls, use dividers, such as curtains or glass panes. Clear glass or mirrors can also increase the depth of view. Dividers create a traditional design without eating up extra space. They are also easier to take down and reinstall in other areas as desired.

6.    Use a Bedside Ledge

A full table in a bedroom takes more space than necessary and doesn’t suit smaller homes. Homeowners can get creative with a bedside ledge instead. Even though it is smaller, it offers space for studies and holds a few items for users. Again, homeowners can choose from various styles to compliment an interior décor.

7.    Opt for Lucite Tables

Floating Lucite tables are perfect for studio apartments and smaller homes. They are lightweight and easy to move around. Lucite tables also don’t weigh down on space and come in all sizes and customizable designs for homes. They also suit different functions, thanks to their portable nature.

Other Ways to Maximize Space in a Smaller Home

Maximizing space focuses on choosing the right fixtures and creating space illusion. Homeowners can hang artwork above eye level to create the illusion of higher ceilings. Other things to do to maximize space include:

  •    Installing overhead LEDs under shelves and kitchen cabinets
    •    Using a breakfast bar next to a window instead of a full-size dining room table
    •    Editing the space when adding/replacing fixtures
    •    Using color to differentiate each space

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