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2022 Trim and Molding Ideas

The best way to improve the outlook of a room is by creating eye-catching details and using an exquisite finish. Trim and molding are perfect for your home since they enhance the visual appeal.

Different trims fit well with the home’s custom design, helping add some personality and character to the outlook. The best trim and molding ideas also help improve the property value.

2022 Trim and Molding Ideas

Molding can sometimes feel overwhelming, but you can hack it with the right ideas. Most homeowners experience difficulty knowing where to start, but it gets easier when they find design inspiration.

There are various wall molding ideas, so you have to identify and plan the use of decorative molding and trim in your home. Below are some of the top 2022 trim and molding ideas you can consider;


Wainscoting is one of the classic decorative molding ideas, famous for its ability to cover only part of a wall.

There are two variations of wainscotting including;

• High wainscoting covers two-thirds of the wall.
• Low wainscoting covers half of the wall from the bottom or lower. You can do this to chair rail height for a classic style.

Wainscoting can assume multiple profiles, often depending on the style of the house. You can integrate it with baseboard trims to match it up with the design that a house adopts.

A major advantage of wainscoting is that it is easy to install. When styling wainscoting, ensure that the baseboard and door trim blend seamlessly for an exquisite finish.

Box Beams

Box beams are trim ideas that apply intricate combinations to create overhead patterns. Effectively, box beams stretch over the ceilings, bringing the soaring space down to earth.

You can paint or stain box beams to add contrast or match the existing ceiling. It is advisable to go for paint-grade wood like poplar or pine for the best results. Using the wood, create patterns like squares and ensure a perfect visual transition between zones.


Ideally, the most common trim and molding idea, baseboards, is still considered intriguing in 2022. Baseboards cover gaps and offer even transition between walls and floors. The ability of the baseboards to ensure crisp and clean lines beautifies the rooms while adding warmth.

The most common material for baseboards is wood, but you can use medium-density Fiberboards (MDF) for an even finish. The base trim should match the style of the home, and this is possible through painting or staining the baseboards.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is the ideal trim and molding idea for practical visual appeal and the perfect balance in your home. You can use it to tie patterns together from other trim works within the home. In essence, it creates the perfect visual break between ceilings and walls, preventing the room from looking odd.

You can hack crown molding installation by ensuring they slant when connecting the ceiling and wall. There is no regulation to the crown molding options you opt for, but more pieces cause the space to look more classic. You could also draw inspiration from other house details for the crown molding, like the fireplace mantel.

Work With the Experts for the Best Results

Home improvements can be complex to master, especially when you don’t have the experience. It is ideal that you work with the experts since they can advise on your home’s best trim and molding ideas. As a result, you will have an outstanding finish in the rooms.

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