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How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door

Garage doors are difficult to overlook. Every time a homeowner leaves and returns, they can’t help but notice them. There’s no doubting that their garage door greatly influences the appearance of their house.

A new garage door might be the ideal way to improve the appearance of their home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. On the other hand, garage doors aren’t merely for enhancing the aesthetics of their property. They also have a practical purpose.

As a result, picking a garage door is a difficult undertaking. There are several aspects to consider while selecting the ideal garage door.

Size Of the Garage Door

When choosing a garage door, the first thing a person should consider is the size. The width and height of a single-car garage door are typically eight to nine feet wide and seven to eight feet tall. A double-car garage door is normally the same height as a single-car garage door. However, it is twice as wide, at roughly sixteen feet.

These are, of course, simply average estimations. If a person’s garage can handle a tall car, they’ll need a higher garage door. They can readily determine the size of their garage by measuring its present arrangement.

To determine the size of the garage door, measure the length and width of the entrance (excluding the stop molding).

A person must also ensure that the overhead tracks, springs and the garage door have adequate area to open into the garage. Each supplier has their own set of criteria.

Instead of a typical alternative, custom garage door builders may create a custom-made garage door for a client specific size requirement.

Choosing The Right Garage Door Style

The next steps are a lot more fun once an individual has determined their garage door size. The garage door is a matter of personal taste and the architectural style of their home.

There are an almost endless number of garage door designs and styles; however, carriage-style garage doors, trifold folding garage doors, and farmhouse inspired garage doors are some of the most popular.

To boost the value of their house, many homeowners pick garage doors that match the current facade.

Materials For Garage Doors

On the market, there are several garage door materials to choose from. Wood, wood composite, steel, PVC, and aluminum are among the most common choices. When it pertains to the material, there are a few things to consider:

First and foremost, it’s about the appearance of a homeowner garage door and how they want it to appear. Do they want it to resemble an old wooden door in terms of appearance? Then wood, a wood composite, or a material that looks like wood, such as PVC or Vinyl, maybe their best option.

A homeowner should also consider the door’s longevity and how long they want it to last. It’s all about striking the proper balance between garage door expenses, beauty, durability, maintenance, and lifetime when selecting the correct material.

Cost Considerations

Garage doors are available at a variety of pricing points. The more basic garage doors will be less expensive than the more visually appealing, sealed garage doors. The average return on investment (ROI) on a garage door replacement is 94.5 percent! In other words, the improved home value will recuperate virtually all of the cost of a new garage door.


A homeowner should select a garage door that includes all of their desired features. A homeowner should consider hiring a custom builder to create their garage door from scratch if they want something truly unique. Click here for more information on hiring the best home builders.