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Small, Easy Updates to Elevate your Home

Give your home a new look with small and easy updates that do not involve costly remodeling. Everyone wants to turn their house into a dream home by upgrading it through renovations and updates. However, upgrading your space is often easy said than done. Therefore, renovations are often big financial decisions, whether you elevate your home or gear up to sell it. For instance, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University’s recent survey shows that U.S. homeowners spend up to 400 billion dollars to complete home remodeling and repairs that add value to attract potential buyers.

Fortunately, you can find small around-the-house upgrades and improvements such as decluttering and updating lighting to elevate your home if you are on a budget. These updates will make your home appear larger, newer, and upscale at a low cost. Give your home a fresh appeal with the following home improvement ideas today!

Try a New Home Style

Try different interior design trends to give your home a new look. You will find endless styles and aesthetics you can try out. Do not be afraid to mix and match styles if you cannot find a home style that best fits your personality.

Declutter your Home

Elevate your home by giving it a less cramped feel. Decluttering can help you refresh your home today. Begin by rearranging your basic items such as clothes and books to eliminate what you do not need. You can sell or donate some to help you re-organize and declutter your space.

Add More Storage to Your Home

Extra storage space can help you declutter and help refresh your home’s vibe. However, instead of expensive shelves, you can save space with creative ideas such as installing hanging storage and using decorative storage bins. Keep items such as cosmetics, electronics, and throw pillows off the floor with hidden storage solutions under the stairs, living room, or kitchen.

Incorporate Smart Technology

Make your space safer with smart technologies such as video doorbells and smart locks. Besides, virtual home assistants can help you utilize your home to the fullest.

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

Most people often neglect appliances during their kitchen remodels. However, refreshing your appliances can add efficiency and value to the kitchen if you cannot afford a full kitchen remodel. Remember, having outdated kitchen appliances such as fridges and stoves make the room feel old.

Remaster Your Bedroom

Give your bedroom a new feel with a fresh coat of paint. Paint can affect your mood or warm up the space. Although most people forget the bedroom in the upgrades, giving yours a new feel can elevate your home. However, think about the vibes, such as the eye-catching teal or cozy feel you want the room to convey before choosing the paint. You can also consider home remodels such as trimming, lighting, and storing solutions for your bedroom.

Rearrange Your Furniture

A new furniture layout can make you fall in love with your home again. Re-energize your living space with trending floor plans. Spice up your home with a plan that incorporates color, space, design, and balance of energy in your home.

Update Lighting in Your Home

Lighting is important in breathing new life into your home space. Consider important factors such as symmetry of light fixtures, brightness, and color to find the light that matches your interior design. Consider energy-efficient lights to elevate your home.

Work with an Expert from Grand Homes

If you are not sure of the renovations to elevate your home, talk to an expert from Grand Homes. Work with America’s Best Builder for innovative, award-winning architectural designs. Contact us to learn more about how you can refresh your space with small and easy updates without breaking your bank.