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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2022

Must-Have Outdoor Furniture for a Relaxed Summer

With the season’s change comes a shift in people’s lifestyles. This is not just the swap of sweaters for tank tops but also the shift to outdoor living.

Prepping a home for summer is not only fun but also necessary. With the oncoming summer heat, the indoors will feel like an oven.

That’s why homeowners need to arm themselves with quality outdoor furniture. This will help them enjoy the outdoors at the comfort of their homes.

Here are 5 essential pieces of furniture for a great outdoor living experience this summer.

Oversized Umbrellas

Contrary to people’s beliefs, the oversized umbrella is not limited to pool owners. They can as easily go on a wooden patio while maintaining their elegance while providing amazing shade.

This trend wasn’t seen as trendy during quarantine, but it’s picking up in 2022. For this summer, many folks are choosing umbrellas with black and white cabana stripes for a vacation feel at home.


Gazebos are a timeless outdoor piece that’s great for outdoor living. A standard gazebo can accommodate as many as 8 people, while a large one accommodates even 18. It’s a great addition to a home in preparation for summer, especially if you plan on hosting.

Most gazebos have a steel canopy that can withstand harsh weather. The canopy has drainage holes for rainwater so you will be prepared for the summer showers.

Patio Chairs

The classic patio chair is a favorite among many homeowners during summer. It can either act as a stand-alone statement piece or blend with other outdoor furniture sets.

Basically, the chair is a strong metal that can withstand the heat of summer. Some patio chairs are pure metal and come with cushions that go with the chair. Find the perfect fit for your own personal style and select from a variety of different colored cushions to your patio chairs. Patio chair cushions can easily be interchanged for the convenience of what might be trending this season.

Outdoor Wooden Dining Sets

The wooden dining set is a great outdoor living accessory. One can easily entertain guests for dinner using this set. It’s made up of a table and six to eight chairs, depending on the number needed. The wooden table doesn’t get hot even if it’s exposed to prolonged sunshine.

Moreover, the set is famous for including a cutout that’s used to mount an umbrella on sunny days. The chair cushions are not only soft, but they can also withstand harsh weather.

Bistro Sets

The three-piece furniture set is ideal for a front porch or even a balcony. It’s one of the few summer trends that have never gone out of style. Although the chairs are sturdy, one can stack them together after use.

The set is a perfect addition to a home for intimate conversation. From sipping refreshing beverages on the bistro on hot afternoons, to engaging in light conversation, this set is an outdoor, summer staple.

Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing Outdoor Furniture

  • Minimalism is the way to go. Opt for one major statement furniture piece and small side pieces.  A great example is having the gazebo as the centerpiece and a bistro set as the smaller pieces.
  • Go for monochromatic neutral colors such as whites, blacks, and browns. They are gentler on the eyes than bright, bold colors and can easily match surrounding decor.
  • Remember to accessorize. Small pieces like rugs, cushions, and plants contribute to the general summer vibe. So, play along with them.

To Sum it Up

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